Friday, February 23, 2007

The Demonskar Ball 2/19

This session began with a wrap-up of Via's exploits in trying to understand the significance of recent events. She freed the prisoner Triel from her bonds and aided her escape from Cauldron's most secure dungeon, in exchange for all of the information that Triel had. Triel made good on her promise, meeting Via at the mouth of the Kopru ruins to tell her what she knew about the Cagewrights.

The rest of the party spent the few days before the Demonskar ball preparing for future violence, purchasing magical weapons, and proselytizing on the streets of Cauldron in the case of Yeshua. Yeshua's sermon attracted a few disenfranchised souls seeking something more spiritual than their everyday existence in Cauldron. What this pans out as remains to be seen.

The Ball was a success, with the party arriving in the heighth of splendor, adorned with fantastic costumes. They met several key players in the nobility of Cauldron, including the politically-minded wastrel Lord Vhalantru, the arch-mage's representative Celeste of the Green Isle, the noble couple Zachary and Margaret Aslaxin, and the Lord Mayor Sevelen Navelant.

Others were introduced, and much transpired that shall be written later.


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