Friday, February 23, 2007

Time passes...

As days pass after the Flood Festival (Needfest elsewhere in Oerth), it is apparent that the worst of the rains have come and gone. The atmosphere of anxiety and taut emotions is mostly dissipated by the first bloom of spring. Although it never gets truly cold in Cauldron, due to its equatorial location, the damp and drizzly winter gets into the soul. The last days of the month of Fireseek pass, and the month of Readying begins. Now that the rains have stopped, the first of the endless stream of trade caravans begins to pass through Cauldron on their way to Sasserine carrying coffee, tobacco, vanilla, diamonds, and other valuable trade goods.

It is in this season that rumors begin to arise. It seems that the sneaking scourge of yesteryear has returned in force: nighttime abductions have again begun to plague Cauldron. This time, however, the victims are not vanishing into slaver's dens. They are being found dead in places around the city, mutilated in disturbing ways. Rumor speaks to the condition of these unfortunates: teeth pulled out, eyes and ears removed.

This is a time of year for new beginnings, as gardens are planted and oaths renewed. With the influx of travelers moving through Cauldron, suspicions are high. Rumor flies over like a many-tongued raven, spreading ill like scattering feathers. Many are calling for an increase in the town guard, an increase that Terseon Skellerang has long been asking for. Broadsheet sellers are making excellent business, hawking rumor of increased taxes and murderous strangers running amok. Some of these broadsheets say that this is the revenge of former city guard and cleric of Hextor Triel Elderast, who according to popular rumor has been seen again in Cauldron, free from captivity and eager for revenge on those who put her in the dungeons...

This is the scene in which the Heavy Rollers find themselves in the month of Readying.

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