Thursday, March 22, 2007

Expedition to Bhal Hamatugn, pt 1

After the raging battle with the umber hulk, the party received an invitation to a business dinner at the Cusp of Sunrise. The Cusp was an exclusive restaurant and club for the extremely rich of Cauldron, both nobles and wealthy merchants. After a deal of time spent preparing proper clothing to attend such an event (along with accompanying weaponry - rapiers), the party set off to meet with their mysterious dinner dates.

The Cusp of Sunrise met expectations, with its prodigious library and excellent supply of fine libations. Tlaloc decided that he would spend the evening conversing with the doorman, following a confrontation over his rather large falchion as being "innapropriate." Once inside, a surprised Lord Vhalantru greeted Via with an invitation to continue their talks of politics they started at the Demonskar ball. Several other members of the group met Lord Vhalantru for the first time, and were not impressed by his long-winded speeches on the political issues of the day.

After a short wait, a summons to a private dinner room was provided by the doorman. The party's two hosts were Lady Celeste of the Green Isle, and a Lord Davked Splintershield. The old dwarf was decripit beyond belief, almost a shadow compared to most dwarfs. He related a tale of sorrow and suffering between gasping breaths, with Lady Celeste doing her best to supplement when he lost his voice. Lord Davked has been a harsh father, and driven away his three sons. His wife had cursed him as she died for driving them away, saying that he would never rest until he had been forgiven by his sons. Although he had reached two of his sons, the third was in a place inaccessable to Lord Splintershield. Lord Davked promised a great deal of money or goods (600pp or 900pp in dwarven weapons) to each individual if they would bring his son back from his captivity in the depths of the Underdark. The party agreed, quickly and with joy at the large sum. A map was provided that would bring them to the nearest overland entrance to the Kuo-Toan temple of Bhal Hamatugn. The timeline was short, however, as Lord Davked was dying and did not want to reach the afterlife with a curse hanging over his head.

During the preparations for the trip, Yeshua the spirit shaman travelled to see the Captain of the City Guard, Terseon Skellerang. Terseon was busy drilling the newest recruits to the City Guard, a batallion of half-orc mercenaries. He took some time off from his militaristic enjoyment, and walked with Yeshua on an inspection of the grounds while Yeshua spoke his piece. Yeshua asked pointed questions about the umber hulk, and the supposed incarceration of Triel Elderast. Terseon admitted that Triel had escaped, murdering several guards with a spear as she did so. She had help, but no one had gotten a clear look at the creature giving aid. The umber hulk had been summoned, as a summoning circle and books of fiendish magic had been found in Maavu's warehouse. The rumor was that Maavu had botched the summoning, allowing it free to rampage. Maavu, a successful wizard, noble, and merchant, had been seen fleeing the city mounted a horse with clouds for hooves, that breathed fire from its nostrils. No one had seen him since.

Via researched Kua-Toans at the Blue Crater Academy, finding out some helpful information that was promptly disregarded. Other members of the party spent a few gold pieces at Skie's Treasury, but Tlaloc could not be convinced by the proprietor that a few potions of water breathing or flying would be useful.

That day, the group headed out to the north, along the trade road that would bring them to the first waymarker on their journey to Bhal Hamatugn. The journey would take four days. On the fourth afternoon, the hawk-eyed Yeshua spotted smoke rising from above the next ridge. The smoke turned out to be the burning hut of Crazy Jared, who was being menaced by a red dragon.


Jeff said...

"Via researched Kua-Toans at the Blue Crater Academy, finding out some helpful information that was promptly disregarded."

I seem to remember Via finding out something useful, but I have no idea what that was.

Magnus said...

I don't either! Thats why I didn't mention it! :-)