Sunday, March 23, 2008

First Session (1)

The bard Talking Wolf and his orc-blooded companion Thorne made their way into Cauldron, looking for a way to gain great fame and earn their wives. Through random happenstance, they arrived at the posting board (assuming either one was capable of reading it) at the same time as a few other individuals, neither of whom knew each other. Keelin, daughter of Tlaloc and Celeste, and Acturus Levolga, acolyte of the disgraced Church of Wee Jas, had also wandered into the Guard compound to peruse the bulletin board.

When Sergeant Hekl'eatl strolled out from his office, looking harried, he saw these four young ruffians gazing at seemingly the same posting. Seizing the opportunity, he corraled them into his office for a briefing. He laid out a job for this bunch of seeming ne'er-do-wells: 200gp a piece (a small fortune) to get to the root of a seeming conspiracy. Small thefts and burglary was plaguing the western end of the merchant's district, in the environs of the Fartraders Alliance, the Brokentower Republic, and the Socket (the new Arena of Kord). The group was loud and rude, leaving a sour taste in the Sergeants mouth.

The first destination was the Socket, where the party was introduced to Priest Harven of Kord. He gave a brief overview of the Socket's operations, had the two barbarians sign up for a show in the Arena, and then gave them a tour of the place when he had heard their business. He showed great excitement for the various beasts of the arena, and little worry about the thievery from the Arena. He showed them the bottom-most storage room, one with several small passages leading down into the bedrock of Cauldron. The room contained cast-off weapons, old blankets, trinkets and rusted armor. In short, it was an armory of sub-par weaponry. Nothing was missing that would be missed by those running the Socket, but where was it going?

Thorne noticed a footprint, small in size. It could have belonged to a goblin, a gnome, or perhaps even an orphan... Squeezing into the passages, they attempted to track the thieves. Down one extremely cramped passage, they heard voices speaking in a language none of them knew, while down another they found an exit into the Merchant's District through a sewer grating. Down another branch, they fought a gorged carrion crawler. After slaying the beast, they slit it open to reveal the partially digested corpse of a goblin. Their foes identified (though the idea that it was indeed orphans responsible still carried some weight), they hurried on down the passages.

A single goblin stumbled out in front of them, crying out in its guttural tongue. Thorne and Wolf rushed after it, running through a wider chamber split into two by an ascending ramp along one wall. They took the lower branch after the goblin, and so were caught entirely in ambush by the remaining five goblins hiding among the rocks. Wolf nearly fell, and only survived by going on the defensive long enough to catch his breath. Thorne was distracted by the first goblin, and fought a bitter struggle against his lithe and canny opponent. Keelin's velociraptor form was deadly to her foes, and Acturus skulked about mumbling about preparing the wrong spells for a goblin hunt. After a few of their compatriots had fallen, the rest tried to flee. A quick ghost sound confused one of the goblins, leaving only one to escape to safety. The other was quickly cut down.

During the adventure so far, the outlander's uncouth and savage demeanor alienated young Keelin so much that she vowed to leave them to rot in the tunnels, vanishing away in a flurry of scales. Acturus said nothing, content to wait and watch.

Thorne made an obscene gesture, and Wolf mumbled, "Whats got her in such a mood?" Thorne had a guess, and it wasn't fit for polite company.


Shawn said...

FYI, talked with Deke on the ride home. Turns out he does know Goblin, but must have forgotten to list it when he read it to you.

Magnus said...

Ah, but the language being spoken in that small tunnel was not Goblin, but something even more perverse... The only time you've heard Goblin spoken so far was the battle cries of the ambushing party.


Magnus said...

Players attending: Deke, Shawn, Jacob, Tony

XP Awarded: 243