Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Folk, and Old Enemies (2)

It was quickly agreed that only three men in a warren of goblin-infested tunnels would probably be soon eaten, and so it was that they found themselves back in the light of the sun. Acturus went to the Sergeant to request more help, while the two tribesmen went to bathe in the lake and have a hot meal. Sergeant Hecl'eatl promised to send a few new faces to join them on the morrow.

It was then morning, and they stood around the sewage grate in the merchant district that they had climbed out of the previous day. The gnomish beguiler Kasorati, the tiefling outcast Mal, and the masked Miguel soon found themselves arguing with their three "teammates," and only after their commotion was noted by a patrol of Grayshirts (Peacekeeper militia) that they decided the sewer was perferable. Retracing their path of the previous day, Thorne led them into battle against two carrion crawlers. The foul worms had crept upon the bodies of the fallen goblins, and were rather irritated at the interruption. Thorne brushed of all of their paralyzing poison, but Wolf was not so lucky. He was brought down by their poison, and barely escaped with his life as the others finished them off.

A narrow passage leading up a light incline confined the party, leaving them in a strung out line. Goblin voices were heard up ahead, and soon a deep rumbling filled the hall. An five-foot wide boulder came rushing down the tunnel, giving them barely any time to more or be crushed beneath it. Wolf rushed forward, determined to stop the boulder with his own body. Thorne and Miguel joined him, throwing all of their weight against it. For a moment it seemed they would be able to stop it, then the stone brushed them under and aside, leaving them wounded and battered on the ground. Poor Kasorati froze in the path, and was knocked down as well. Meanwhile, Acturus and Mal ran back into the chamber and were barely able to avoid the rolling stone.

The goblins up ahead were heard talking back and forth about the results of their rolling rock. Wolf yelled loudly in Goblin, "We're dead!" and suddenly silence reigned up above. When the party had caught their breath, they advanced into the next chamber. A goblin archer in a hidden alcove let fly an arrow, piercing Thorne's thigh and dealing a great deal of damage. He was stunned by the sudden attack, letting out a great cry of surprise and rage. As goblins boiled out of the shadows, a confused melee of reigned. Mal's eldritch bolts and Kasorati's illusions disrupted the goblins, and Wolf was able to capture one of the goblins unharmed. The goblin showed spirit and berated his captors for failing to appreciate the "bucben" sacrifices that kept the surface worlders safe. His name was Bucbenglub, and he led them back to his people's encampment.

After ascending another long trap-filled tunnel (to no ill effect, due to their guide), they were ushered in to meet the chief of the goblins, Bucbenglemgerlmfyelg, and one of the only common-speaking goblins, a craftsgoblin named Gelkbenhevelgerlm. After hospitality had been provided in the form of food, drink, and comfortable seating arrangements, Bucbenglemgerlmfyelg (or Glem, as I shall hereafter refer to him) told the long history of the Bucben.

In the age of the snake, no goblin was welcome on the surface or in the trees. The snake could defeat all foes, but not the goblins, for the goblins could see through their illusions and tricks. The goblins were forced to live under the soil and roots, deep in the caves below. They lived in a great cavern beneath the world, a cavern that had its own sun and trees and oceans. They lived there for many generations, until the Enemy showed its face, and there was a great war. The Enemy was a force of the dead, some crawling on four legs and some walking on two. Their claws and teeth could tear a Bucben in two, or leave chilling poisons to kill him later. Those touched fell to fevered chills instantly. This foe was invincible, for every creature they slew rose again as one of them. They did not breathe, sleep, or eat. The Bucben fell back, retreating into narrow passages and collapsing them to slow the Enemy's advance. Always the Enemy would follow, though the Bucben have traveled nearly across the world. And now the Bucben have followed their path to the end, and the last battles are soon to be upon them.

After this story was heard, Kasorati came up with a plan: provide the goblins with weapons via trade, and thus prevent the thefts and raiding upon the people of Cauldron. He proposed a trade between the goblins and the enterprising kobolds of Bensvelks clan. The details would be worked out later, for now they would return to Sergeant Hecl'eatl victorious.

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