Friday, April 11, 2008

Session 4: Exploring their Environs

After being closed off from their previous path, the expedition had only one choice: deeper into the Underdark. After a short jaunt through the tunnel, they reached a three-way intersection.

The passage to the left led down to a water-filled crevasse, crossed by a gleaming bridge of greenish marble. A golden statue jutted from the ceiling, ruby light from an orb clutched in its hand illuminating the cavern and reflecting off gemstone eyes. A golden dome protruded from across the crevasse, and a set of double doors set into the cavern wall at the far end of the cave. At least 15 ghouls could be seen milling about.

The passage to the right led down a set of double doors, carved with a representation of a six-armed humanoid creature. Another set of bones and glyphs marked the extent of the ghouls' territory. A mystic zone of silence surrounded the door, and the party decided to avoid it.

After traveling down the center passage for a long period of time, they came to an underground cavern filled with the tangled roots of a deepwood tree. It was in this cavern that Mal, scouting ahead, encountered a small patrol of ghouls. Three armored warriors in helm and breastplate, a lean ghoul as scout, and a ghoul with a bloated stomach ran through the cavern, not noticing Mal. She opened the combat with a blast of firey doom, and the rest of the expedition soon found themselves in combat with the warrior ghouls. The bloated one hurled dark energy that burned Mal's arm, and when Miguel was immobilized, it tried to infect him with small tentacled growths that erupted from under its skin. After all the ghouls were slain, Acturus engaged in some swift surgery to remove the growths before they could take root in his flesh.

Soon after the deepwood grove, they came to an obviously crafted tunnel, leading to the left and right. To the left, they heard the echoing sounds of a great number of voices, and to the right was silence. The party went right.

The passage ended in another line of bones and glyphs on the wall. Acturus touched the glyphs, translating them as "This ends the domain of the Great Eater, death for our kind lies past here." The heavy stone doors opened to a touch, opening onto a large circular room split into several tiers. A hemispherical network of stone beams surrounded the inner circle of the room, with contained a ten-foot high black stone obelisk glowing with an inner golden fire. The stone beams were invisible from inside the circle, and 26 red runes floated in the air outside of them. Acturus touched the obelisk, and some of the golden fire spread to his hand. Every movement of his hand left glimmering trails of flame in the air.

He began tracing the runes that floated above. When he completed one, the floating rune expanded into a red-tinted view of some distant place. As he concentrated on the vista, six gems appeared in his mind. This pattern held true for all of the floating sigils he focused on, although only eleven of the twenty-six showed anything besides darkness or swimming fish.

The next room was a hexagonal room with a large stone throne, facing a dull, silvery mirror on one wall. Acturus sat upon the throne, and the mirror shimmered into life, showing a reflection of the room sans throne or people.

Casorati stepped forward and touched the mirror, and then found himself alone in a blue, hexagonal room.

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Mal, Miguel, Casorati, Acturus attending. 425 xp.