Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Skorne Warpack


This is my Skorne Warpack, which I painted several years ago.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kaelyssa Finished?



Okay, I think she is finished! I painted the greens on her cloak as follows. Ordic Olive, black ink shade in the crevices, highlighted up with Ordic Olive/Menoth White Highlight steps (each with successively more Menoth White Highlight).

Gems were painted with Coal Black, Arcane Blue, and Menoth White Highlight in the traditional Crescent/Dot technique. Some are sloppier than others!

I see a few places where I need to clean up a bit. The rim of the goggles, her left hand, a few other spots. Nothing like close photography to bring out your mistakes!
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Kaelyssa in progress


First thing I did after the last work-in-progress shot was do a little darklining. I used GW Black Ink, watered down about 50/50, and added a touch of P3 Mixing Medium, then added a brush more water. I took a thin detail brush and ran the ink into the crevices, making sure to define the seperation of armor plates from each other, and to define where cloth or leather started and stopped. I made an effort to do this cleanly, as it is less work being nice now than cleaning it up later.

I took the base coat of Ironhull Grey up a few notches, by adding Menoth White Highlight a bit at a time. I really like Menoth White Highlight, and have taken to using it in a variety of colors to get nice mixed highlights. I used it on the greens, greys, browns, and blues on this model, much like I used Desert Yellow in all the colors on pKaya.

This photo shows the in between stages of Kaelyssa, before I do my cleanup, and paint the green cloak. I wish I had a system, like painting from the interior to the exterior, or skin before cloth. I don't. I paint whatever I feel like at any given time.

The metals are Rhulic Gold and Boltgun Metal, with a brown ink/Gryphonne Sepia wash to bring a bit of color out in the Rhulic Gold. I did the same black ink lining that I had on the other parts of the model. I highlighted the golds back up to Rhulic Gold, and got out the GW Chainmail to highlight up the areas that were painted Boltgun.

The leathers were highlighted up with Bloodtracker Brown, Bloodtracker Brown mixed with a touch of Menoth White Highlight, then a further highlight of Beast Hide when I decided the Bloodtracker/Menoth mix was stupid. Beast Hide plus Menoth White Highlight was acceptable for a further highlight, however.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I really hate showing pictures of my models in the first stages of painting. Base coating has never been my favorite step of the process, and I have more than a few models that have received the beginnings of a base coat but never anything past it. This is the stage in which I hate the model I'm painting, passionately.

With that said, this is Kaelyssa, a Retribution Warcaster for Warmachine. I'm painting her for my friend Zak. I don't play Retribution myself, but the models are attractive and very different than my usual fare. He requested a similar paint scheme to the stock, but with a darker color scheme for the armor areas. The color he mentioned as a reference was Ironhull Grey.

To get the model to this (messy, ugly, terrible) point, I put a basecoat of thinned Ironhull Grey on the armor plates, Battlefield Brown on the leather pants, Cryx Bane Base on the strap/legging type bits, Bootstrap Leather on the belts and pouches, Ordic Olive on the cape and neck covering, Rhulic Gold/Boltgun Metal on the sword and runecannon, and Cygnar Blue Base on the goggle lenses. The hair is a mix of Arcane Blue with a touch of Ordic Olive and Cygnar Blue Base. The flesh tones are a basecoat of Midlund Flesh mixed with Battlefield Brown, then a partial coat of Midlund Flesh.

The next stages really make or break the model for me. I'll post pictures when I can.

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Monday, September 14, 2009


I recently pulled out my Circle Orboros models for the PAX Masters Invitational, and remembered how much fun I had playing Hordes and Warmachine. Unfortunately, I had no painted infantry for my Circle, only a great pack of beasts! I ended up running Kromac and a large pack of beasts, and did about as well as you would think. My experience was very enjoyable, however, and I decided that I had to finish painting whatever Circle models I had laying about.

The Tharn Ravagers are one of those units that brought me to Circle. The idea of insane, Devourer-worshipping, shape-shifting barbarians who thirsted for the blood of their enemies really clicked with me. The fact that they were in the same faction as Baldur and his Elemental Constructs really sealed the deal.

I started painting these models as soon as they were released. Unfortunately, I never got beyond the first basecoats. I picked up one of these forgotten warriors and gave him a test paint job, brightening up the colors and giving him a little more personality. I think he is a good start, and plan to finish up the others to the same level or beyond. After they are done, I have a Tharn White Mane that could use some love as well.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ork Killa Kans from AT-43 Kollossi




As a side project, I promised to help a friend convert some Killa Kans for his foot-slogging horde army. I needed a proof of concept, and so here he is!

I started with a AT-43 Red Blok Kollossus, the one with the twin flamethrowers. I hacked the tip off the flamethrower and replaced it with a suitable 40k bit. I added teeth and plates and other details about the model to give it an orky feel, and to match the rest of my Orks. The rivets are the most important step in orkifying any model!

For the melee arm, I detached the existing arm at the body. I hacked off the elbow joint, and built two new sections of arm out of hollow plastic tube and some small rod. I took the axe head from an Assault on Black Reach plastic Nob (I have too bloody many of those things). Pin, glue, add rivets.

For painting my new Killa Kan, I started with a good coat of Boltgun Metal and washed it with Devlan Mud. The red was based with Khador Red Base, and highlighted up with Khador Red Highlight mixed with Khador Red Base. A highlight of Chainmail on metals and corners gave the metal some depth and added some wear marks. I wasn't really happy with him, so I kept adding colors and lines and washes, and now he looks like he was dipped in an oil bath. It matches the other Killa Kans, so I don't mind.

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