Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I really hate showing pictures of my models in the first stages of painting. Base coating has never been my favorite step of the process, and I have more than a few models that have received the beginnings of a base coat but never anything past it. This is the stage in which I hate the model I'm painting, passionately.

With that said, this is Kaelyssa, a Retribution Warcaster for Warmachine. I'm painting her for my friend Zak. I don't play Retribution myself, but the models are attractive and very different than my usual fare. He requested a similar paint scheme to the stock, but with a darker color scheme for the armor areas. The color he mentioned as a reference was Ironhull Grey.

To get the model to this (messy, ugly, terrible) point, I put a basecoat of thinned Ironhull Grey on the armor plates, Battlefield Brown on the leather pants, Cryx Bane Base on the strap/legging type bits, Bootstrap Leather on the belts and pouches, Ordic Olive on the cape and neck covering, Rhulic Gold/Boltgun Metal on the sword and runecannon, and Cygnar Blue Base on the goggle lenses. The hair is a mix of Arcane Blue with a touch of Ordic Olive and Cygnar Blue Base. The flesh tones are a basecoat of Midlund Flesh mixed with Battlefield Brown, then a partial coat of Midlund Flesh.

The next stages really make or break the model for me. I'll post pictures when I can.

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