Monday, September 14, 2009


I recently pulled out my Circle Orboros models for the PAX Masters Invitational, and remembered how much fun I had playing Hordes and Warmachine. Unfortunately, I had no painted infantry for my Circle, only a great pack of beasts! I ended up running Kromac and a large pack of beasts, and did about as well as you would think. My experience was very enjoyable, however, and I decided that I had to finish painting whatever Circle models I had laying about.

The Tharn Ravagers are one of those units that brought me to Circle. The idea of insane, Devourer-worshipping, shape-shifting barbarians who thirsted for the blood of their enemies really clicked with me. The fact that they were in the same faction as Baldur and his Elemental Constructs really sealed the deal.

I started painting these models as soon as they were released. Unfortunately, I never got beyond the first basecoats. I picked up one of these forgotten warriors and gave him a test paint job, brightening up the colors and giving him a little more personality. I think he is a good start, and plan to finish up the others to the same level or beyond. After they are done, I have a Tharn White Mane that could use some love as well.

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