Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kaelyssa Finished?



Okay, I think she is finished! I painted the greens on her cloak as follows. Ordic Olive, black ink shade in the crevices, highlighted up with Ordic Olive/Menoth White Highlight steps (each with successively more Menoth White Highlight).

Gems were painted with Coal Black, Arcane Blue, and Menoth White Highlight in the traditional Crescent/Dot technique. Some are sloppier than others!

I see a few places where I need to clean up a bit. The rim of the goggles, her left hand, a few other spots. Nothing like close photography to bring out your mistakes!
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Mars said...

She looks great Mags. Zak is a lucky man!

EAA said...

Hey! Nice paintjob! Zak sent me the link... I didn't realize you had a painting blog! RSS feed: subscribed.

Awesome Work!

-Eric A.

Zakary said...

Looks great Mag's cant wait to pick her up.