Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kaelyssa in progress


First thing I did after the last work-in-progress shot was do a little darklining. I used GW Black Ink, watered down about 50/50, and added a touch of P3 Mixing Medium, then added a brush more water. I took a thin detail brush and ran the ink into the crevices, making sure to define the seperation of armor plates from each other, and to define where cloth or leather started and stopped. I made an effort to do this cleanly, as it is less work being nice now than cleaning it up later.

I took the base coat of Ironhull Grey up a few notches, by adding Menoth White Highlight a bit at a time. I really like Menoth White Highlight, and have taken to using it in a variety of colors to get nice mixed highlights. I used it on the greens, greys, browns, and blues on this model, much like I used Desert Yellow in all the colors on pKaya.

This photo shows the in between stages of Kaelyssa, before I do my cleanup, and paint the green cloak. I wish I had a system, like painting from the interior to the exterior, or skin before cloth. I don't. I paint whatever I feel like at any given time.

The metals are Rhulic Gold and Boltgun Metal, with a brown ink/Gryphonne Sepia wash to bring a bit of color out in the Rhulic Gold. I did the same black ink lining that I had on the other parts of the model. I highlighted the golds back up to Rhulic Gold, and got out the GW Chainmail to highlight up the areas that were painted Boltgun.

The leathers were highlighted up with Bloodtracker Brown, Bloodtracker Brown mixed with a touch of Menoth White Highlight, then a further highlight of Beast Hide when I decided the Bloodtracker/Menoth mix was stupid. Beast Hide plus Menoth White Highlight was acceptable for a further highlight, however.
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