Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thunderwolf "Cavalry"


I've been working on a stand-in for the Thunderwolf Cavalry, something that I can bring to a tourney that allows only Games Workshop figures. For this purpose, I have created the Huntsman and his hounds! The hounds are biomechanical constructs, with iron bones and steel jaws that can bring down any prey, while the Huntsman carries powerful weapons and the potent Storm Shield. This particular fellow, as a test piece, is only carrying a chain sword.

I started with a pair of Dire Wolfs from the fantasy Vampire Counts range. They required a great deal of green stuff to bulk out and cover in fur, along with the addition of a few eyeballs in previously empty sockets. Some pieces of exposed bone were left uncovered and shall be painted as steel. The Huntsman is simply assembled out of the new plastic kits with a leash made from a paperclip. He shall be primed and painted when I get a chance.

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EAA said...

Yeah, that's just plain sweet.