Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thunderwolf Cavalry almost painted




Here are the trio of Thunderwolf Cavalry I've completed so far. Well, completed is a strong word. They are playable, if not finished. I'm still working on the reds, and the power armor hasn't received a final highlight, and there are any number of small details (wolf teeth, stone trinkets, pouches) that need some loving care.

I went for a bit of a spread in terms of equipment for my first three Thunderwolf Cavalry. A Thunder Hammer, a Storm Shield, and a "stock" option. They performed well in their inagural proxy game, but I am eager to give them a bit more table time now that they're graduated from plastic puppies glued to bases to finished models. I have two more dire wolves that I can green stuff into semi-acceptable Thunderwolves. Unfortunately I'm rather short on appropriately sized bases for now!

I've been painting sleek Elven myrmidons, and painting a few space marines is a pleasant diversion. The blends are difficult.

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