Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Been working on my wolf scouts


I first painted these guys the week before Astronomicon 2009, in quite a rush. I sat down recently and went back over them, redoing most of their armor, flesh, hair, metals... pretty much the whole damn model. They aren't showpieces, but they are closer to the standard that I'd like my Wolves to be at. Their armament is a bit dated, as I don't run twin plasma pistols in the new codex. I quite liked it in the old codex, but at 15 points a pistol it is a bit price-prohibitive in the current codex.

In front is their Wolf Guard leader, a proven veteran of numerous skirmishes. When I built the model, I tried to give him the air of a scout leader, crouching on a hill looking down on his foes. I believe I failed, as the most common comment I get is "haha his powerfist is too heavy for him!"

I gave him honor marks on his powerfist and right shoulderpad. Really its incentive for him to continue beating the crap out of Techmarines and Vindicators, something that he has recently shown a talent for.

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