Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DMB Objective Marker prototype

Apologies for the shoddy photo! My secret mold-making lair is a bit drafty and has poor lighting for photography. The upside is that it has excellent ventilation and is far from civilization, so no one will complain about the foul odors of my craft.

From Magnus' Project Log

I decided that I'd like to have some standard objective markers made up to use down at the club. I have some small based markers for my Orks and Space Wolves, but I tend to get funny looks as most people use 40mm bases. I whipped this guy up to match the logo on the DMB dice that Deke came up with a few years back. The rectangular plate below the skull is raised a bit, and is meant to be painted upon to denote your OFCC team, name, army crest, etc. I hope it works out well, and soon I have some shiny new custom objective markers.


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Scary Biscuits said...

Can I have like 10?