Monday, May 2, 2011

Lone Wolf with No Name

From Magnus' Project Log

Howdy! Here is a WIP on the Lone Wolf with No Name that I am work on for my friend Fed. I lopped off the helmeted head and upper torso of the existing model, and replaced it with green stuff and a bare head from the Space Wolf pack sprue. At the same time, I broke of the chainfist bits and pinned them back on for stability. After the green stuff had cured, I sculpted a poncho and sombrero onto this badass hombre. I've never sculpted either of these before, so we'll see how they end up after paint. :-)

Fed's army is based around a world of lizard riding Space Marines who venerate their ancient homeland of Mexico, and so I felt a little Western vibe would be appropriate. I'm looking forward to painting him up. I plan to paint up his poncho with symbols like the Man with No Name's poncho.

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