Monday, June 20, 2011

Dreadnought Crater WIP pt. 2

I made a little more progress on the dreadnought crater!

One blown up, scratch-built dreadnought carcass mounted to a shiny new crater. I made sure to add all sorts of broken cables and pistons. After this picture was taken, I went back and filled in a few problems spots with green stuff, and added a few more patches of sand and glue. Then I put another coat of watered-down wood glue over the top of the sand to seal it.

The HS-II rtv rubber (from Alumilite) is curing right now, and tomorrow morning I'll be able to make the first cast! I'll be giving it a quick drybrush and posting a picture tomorrow in the morning if I get up early enough. :-)

My next project in the crater series is a Land Raider-sized crater. I've got the base cut out and sanded, and the next step is to scratch-built the track units, armor pieces, etc.

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