Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Larger Transport wreck in progress 2

I tore apart some bits on the previous version, and slapped this bastard together. I also constructed a few new sections and plates, and did some dremel damage to the pieces that were already there. My green stuff is rapidly depleting, luckily I have more on the way. :-)

And to show that its capable of packing in the most considerable payload I could have, here is a unit of 15 Blood Claws and a Wolf Priest crouching in the wreckage, ready to charge!

I'm happier with this version, but its far from done. I need to craft up some track units to lay all over the wreck. For that, I need to make a nice master and make a very small RTV mold. Then I cast up a number of nice track units and fit them together. I have to fill all the gaps in between to prevent air being trapped. Its a process!


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