Thursday, July 21, 2011

Display Board finished!

I pulled out the air brush, and went to town. After painting was more or less complete, I put on the snow stuff, and faded it into the board with the airbrush. I went for the patchy snow look that I'd done on my bases.

Rather than put the land speeder onto the board, I put in a wire stand for him. Now he looks like he is flying over the battlefield. :-) I'm going to be adding some nice handles to the side, and if I can get one, a nice etched nameplate for the front.

Here is a close up of a snow patch. You can see how my inexpert airbrush skills are used to fade the snow patch around the edges with white paint, so the transitions are not quite as stark.



Mars said...

I think the board looks great Mags! I think the fade will work alright, especially for a display board. Also your paint scheme is so bright and contrasting that people will be looking elsewhere.

Not mention just having miniatures standing on the patches will break up the nimbus.

In short, you are golden and the board is something to be proud of.

Rathstar said...

Board looks great, well done.