Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting closer...

I masked off the frame, put some sand and glue on it, and after that dried gave it a gray spray coat to prep it for airbrushing later this week. Apologies for the blurriness of the picture, I didn't notice that until I'd uploaded it. :-(

I need to find a nice sturdy piece of wire to support the landspeeder, which will be suspended in the air like he is flying. Other than that, this is the list that I will be running at OFCC.

Check out this next pic. All the guys on the back would fall off when using the display board to move figures from one table to the next. That is, they would if they weren't magnetized to the board! I sank a few short nails into the foam, and put sand and glue over the top. The nails serve as anchors for my poor Long Fangs and Scouts to hang on to during the trips between tables. I tested it, and they can hang on there with the board tipped almost sideways.


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Andy - bG said...

Thats a cracking looking display board - great work