Friday, July 8, 2011

Lone Wolf with Mark of the Wulfen

I had a dream vision from the land of awesome miniatures the other night, and so I was compelled to create what I had seen in this vision in physical form, lest I risk insanity. Whaddya think of that bearded axe I cooked up? I almost went with two of them, but I like that sword as well. Choices, choices.

This is a pale imitation of that dream-spawned miniature of awesome, but I think he turned out okay! The creatures of the dream-worlds are compelling me to drop a few upgrades from what I thought was my final OFCC list and add this little shitkicker (along with a Fenrisian wolf or two) into my list. We'll see how that works out! You think this counts as a conversion for the ofcc points? :-)

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Andy - bG said...

That is a fantastic looking mini.