Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf Mount

Just in time for Astronomicon...

Skargr Cursebreaker rides again! Here is my revised Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf Mount, armed with a Wolf Claw and Storm Shield, Wolf Tooth Necklace, and Wolf Tail Talisman. He hasn't earned any Sagas yet, and he found himself just a little short of cash when it came time to commission some Runic Armor. :-)

I broke apart my old magnetized wolf lord and reassembled him into this. He is still very much a WIP. I just finished sculpting the necklace and his furry wolf pelt, and Jotun Brokenclaw, my twin wolf claw battle leader, donated his right hand claw to make the model. A few of my old objectives were sacrificed to make the rather boring base a little more exciting!

I will be painting him Friday night in the hotel before Astro, I believe. :-)

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