Friday, September 2, 2011

A different WIP project: concrete barriers, tall

In the 41st millenium, building a fort capable of holding out the baddies is a touch difficult, especially if your combat engineers only have waist-high Aegis defense lines to block the enemies gunfire! You think that speed bump is going to stop a carnifex, soldier? What you need is something a little more imposing, capable of blocking the all-important Line of Sight. Enter the T-wall.
I wanted a preformed concrete barricade, of the kind that can be rapidly deployed to form a wall on the battlefield, and block line of sight for figures and small vehicles. This barrier stands about 2.25" high, and is roughly 1.5" wide. Much like the concrete barriers found in embattled parts of our world, it is wider at the bottom for stability. This is the master, which I am currently making a mold from. I will cast several others, and apply some battle damage and other visually interesting imperfections, then make a mold of those! I got tired of not having an easy to pack away, easy to set up piece of Line of Sight blocking terrain for games in the far future. Whether that is Infinity or 40k, they'll work for both pretty easily. Its just another piece of cool scatter terrain that can be built into cool-looking forts. :-) Magnus

WIP Ragnar, more progress

Ragnar is coming along! I worked on his hair, his crown, and his antler trophy rack. I also added a knife hilt, pouches and grenades (the original fig has all sorts of little doodads). The Wolf Tooth Necklace across his "loin pelt" is a new addition as well. Who ever thought I'd be typing blog posts about adding necklaces to loin pelts? Thats more than a little strange. I'm sure my parents are very proud.

His cloak was made a bit more ragged looking. The former version was a bit too clean, and now I've jumped straight from pristine to absolutely tattered. The paint will make or break this one, I think. Overall, I'm more than a little unhappy with how this fig is going, so we'll see if the usual change in opinion occurs when I paint him. I might have to go back and do another with what I've learned! You can use two Ragnars in the same army, right? :-)

Please excuse the white vapor marks from the super glue, finely coating part of the model. I really didn't use that much glue back there, and they weren't there when I finished with the model for the night. I'll go back and clean those up. :-)

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