Friday, September 2, 2011

WIP Ragnar, more progress

Ragnar is coming along! I worked on his hair, his crown, and his antler trophy rack. I also added a knife hilt, pouches and grenades (the original fig has all sorts of little doodads). The Wolf Tooth Necklace across his "loin pelt" is a new addition as well. Who ever thought I'd be typing blog posts about adding necklaces to loin pelts? Thats more than a little strange. I'm sure my parents are very proud.

His cloak was made a bit more ragged looking. The former version was a bit too clean, and now I've jumped straight from pristine to absolutely tattered. The paint will make or break this one, I think. Overall, I'm more than a little unhappy with how this fig is going, so we'll see if the usual change in opinion occurs when I paint him. I might have to go back and do another with what I've learned! You can use two Ragnars in the same army, right? :-)

Please excuse the white vapor marks from the super glue, finely coating part of the model. I really didn't use that much glue back there, and they weren't there when I finished with the model for the night. I'll go back and clean those up. :-)

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