Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Dust Tactics figs

I recently picked up the revised Core set for Dust Tactics. I still haven't played the game, but I really liked the Axis Power armored figures in the box. I selected these to paint up first! They are the heavy laser grenadiers!

These poor buggers are too small for me to practice my newly acquired airbrush skills on. No color modulation on their armor plates! Instead I did my usual line highlighting and limited washing that I use on 40k power armor, but in Dunkelgelb and German Grey instead of Fenris Grey. I'm hoping that after they are based up (just sand right now), they'll look at home tromping through the autumn fields of southern England as part of Operation: Sea Lion.

I saw they had some sort of little thingie on their chest plate, that reminded me of the Iron Man power source. I painted it and the back power source as close as I could get to the glowy blue effect. I don't imagine having a glowing blue dot on your chest is all that great in a war zone, despite it powering your awesome laser guns!

Last for this installment, Oberst Lara Walter! She leads Kampfgruppe Walter into battle in her customized power armor. Thats four machine guns strapped to her arms! And I thought 40k was ridiculous.

Thanks for reading, Magnus

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CSMason26 said...

These look simply amazing man, please tell me more are coming. :)