Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Here are some Wargames Factory plastic vikings, for my Sunday D&D game!

I bought a 32 pack of both the armored and the unarmored vikings from the Warstore recently, and they were quite cheap. The figs are a bit fiddly to put together, and I was scrambling to find enough round bases to fit them on for game purposes (I had assumed they came with some sort of a base, and I was wrong!).

There are so many arm options on the sprue, but many of the poses I've come up with feel awkward to me. After handling these figs and the Gripping Beast Dacian War Host, I'm liking the "less posability/more natural" look that the Gripping Beast stuff offers more and more. I might have to pick up a box of the Gripping Beast vikings as well.

The detail of the figs is quite decent, and I found them quite easy to paint. There is a bit of detail smear on the sides of the chests, noticeable primarily in the smoothing of the chainmail in that region, but far better than the Warriors of Rohan figures I painted earlier.


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J. F. High said...

Magnus, these WGF Vikings are beautiful! I bought a pack myself to convert my Wolves for OFCC 2012. Are Da Mommaz Boyz going again this year? Please say yes, I was hoping the Double Penetrators could challenge you!

--James "Death or Glory" High