Friday, December 16, 2011

More Wild Men, plus a shaman

The Shaman, powerful with the spirits
A mob of wild men crashing out from among the paint bottles!
 I finished these guys up last night. Another five to round out the posse of ten, along with a caster-type shaman guy to make things interesting. I could really use a hideously badass warrior chief to lead these guys, but didn't see anything in my collection that would fit.

This gives me: 1 musician, four spears, 3 axemen, 1 pick, and 1 sword-wielding crazy man. Its nice to have some differentiation among your bad guys. :-)

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Here are some Wargames Factory plastic vikings, for my Sunday D&D game!

I bought a 32 pack of both the armored and the unarmored vikings from the Warstore recently, and they were quite cheap. The figs are a bit fiddly to put together, and I was scrambling to find enough round bases to fit them on for game purposes (I had assumed they came with some sort of a base, and I was wrong!).

There are so many arm options on the sprue, but many of the poses I've come up with feel awkward to me. After handling these figs and the Gripping Beast Dacian War Host, I'm liking the "less posability/more natural" look that the Gripping Beast stuff offers more and more. I might have to pick up a box of the Gripping Beast vikings as well.

The detail of the figs is quite decent, and I found them quite easy to paint. There is a bit of detail smear on the sides of the chests, noticeable primarily in the smoothing of the chainmail in that region, but far better than the Warriors of Rohan figures I painted earlier.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Wild men from the forest!

I think these wild fellows are about as finished as they are going to get. I have five more in progress, including a horn blower and a champion type with a rad sword. The whole posse is just about ready for a night raid from the misty forests!
Shield designs were inspired by a cool African shield I found on google images.
I have a few boxes of Wargames Factory Vikings en route from the Warstore, and a box of Warlord Games plastic Dacians (which are their celts with some metal pieces included). I'm really looking forward to that package arriving!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Experimenting with tartan

...or at least a sloppy facsimile. :-) My Wild Men of the Forest need some extra oomph, beyond terrible tattoos. I found an old tutorial on Brushtralls and decided to give it a try. Here is a quick "Honey-its-time-to-go-to-work-are-you-painting-hurry-up" take on it.

I used Greatcoat Gray for the base color on the guy to the left, and Cygnar Blue Base on the fellow to the right. The gray doesn't show up very well in the pictures, but is decent in person. The fig on the right needs to have one more light tone painted in the inside of the Desert Yellow stripes, and a little tidying done around the edges.

You can see the rough idea of it, though. I'm happy enough with the effect, considering that these poor bastards are mostly going to be hacked apart in the first two rounds of combat. At least I get to recycle them! :-)

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP Wild men from the forest!

I needed some figs to represent wild, spirit-possessed blood-crazed berserker types for my Sunday campaign, and a friend of mine lent me some GW chaos marauders and bits. I switched a few arms and heads and here are half of them.

I just started laying down some tattoos on three of them, and I have a lot of work ahead of me before they are finished. The bases are brown because I primed that color, btw. I haven't decided if I like the red hair, or if I want to paint it black instead.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

LotR scale problems, and some Warriors of Rohan "vikings"

I needed some warrior models that looked like they'd fit in a dark ages-type setting for my D&D game, in a good number. Ideally, a legion of paint elves would produce an endless stream of bearded sword and spear-carrying miniatures for my party to hack apart. What I got for my birthday was a box of the Lord of the Rings "Warriors of Rohan." These miniatures are nearly perfect for my application, but were moderately irritating for a number of reasons.

  1. Broken parts: Flimsy spears broke in the packaging. I emailed GW customer service about this, but haven't heard anything back yet. It was over a holiday weekend, so I'm not surprised I haven't heard anything yet. Broken spears are not a deal breaker.
  2. Mold lines: A great deal of messy mold lines from poorly lined up molds, often crossing directly over the soft detail of the face and helmet. This is really irritating. Soft facial detail is one thing (where does the cheek plate of the helmet end, and his face begin? On some figures its impossible to tell), but having to scrape a line of plastic out from beside the nose, lips, beard, helmet-eye-shield-thingie, and over the top of the helmet? Suck.
  3. Scale creep: I'd picked these figs out from internet pictures, and by comparing the scale of my Red Box Games figures to the only LotR figs that I own: a ringwraith and the Army of the Dead box set. The weapon sizes, head sizes, and height measured up favorably, within a mm or two. I was thus very surprised to find that the Warriors of Rohan were so much shorter when I had them in hand. Both the standing and crouched warriors of Rohan measured pretty close to 25mm from sole of foot to eyeball, compared to 28mm for the Dead and 31mm for the Ringwraith. That is quite a difference from the older sets to the newer sets, and quite noticeable on the battlefield.
  4. Poor definition: I'm used to painting GW plastic orks and space marines, so I'm used to a certain amount of "soft" detail around the sides and edges. I really wasn't expecting the high degree of soft detail that I found on these figures. On the shoulders, waist, and leg, the transition between scale armor to sleeve to cloak to hair was one blurred flat field. On many of the figures, the detail of the armor totally disappeared from the figure as you left the very front of the chest, leaving large flat spaces devoid of any sculpted detail.
Overall, I'd say these are relatively mediocre figures, but at $33 for 24 of them, I'm not too unhappy. They aren't exactly a pleasure to paint, but they'll fulfill their function. I'll be using them as NPC warriors and enemy combatants in place of printed out tokens, so its an upgrade on what I have so far. I've ordered some Warlord Games Celts and some Wargames Factory Vikings to do some comparisons and pull duty as allies and enemies both.

Here is the "viking" posse so far. The front five are mostly finished to table-top quality, while the four in the back are mostly just base-coated with shields untouched.

Edit: another pic for scale comparison, added 11/30
Left to right: GW Ringwraith, GW Rohirrim, RBG fellow, GW Army of the Dead, RBG fellow, RBG caster type, GW Rohirrim, RBG warrior lady.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two new figs for my campaign


Here are two new figs I painted up recently, both from Red Box Games. I love the style of the figs, and I am really looking forward to using these in a game. :-)

The first figure is Jarl Jarund Nightwolf, a badass warrior chieftain. I wanted him to have some pretty extensive tattoos, and I hope the effect turned out alright.

The second figure is an NPC that hasn't been introduced yet in my campaign. Scalewise, the figure is quite tall, and is perfect for representing a giant of a man.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fingyr, Priest of Odin

Fingyr the Wise, priest of Odin and advisor to the Jarl Jager of Jagerstead. Much depends on Fingyr as the refugees try to build themselves a new home in a new and hostile land.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Dust Tactics figs

I recently picked up the revised Core set for Dust Tactics. I still haven't played the game, but I really liked the Axis Power armored figures in the box. I selected these to paint up first! They are the heavy laser grenadiers!

These poor buggers are too small for me to practice my newly acquired airbrush skills on. No color modulation on their armor plates! Instead I did my usual line highlighting and limited washing that I use on 40k power armor, but in Dunkelgelb and German Grey instead of Fenris Grey. I'm hoping that after they are based up (just sand right now), they'll look at home tromping through the autumn fields of southern England as part of Operation: Sea Lion.

I saw they had some sort of little thingie on their chest plate, that reminded me of the Iron Man power source. I painted it and the back power source as close as I could get to the glowy blue effect. I don't imagine having a glowing blue dot on your chest is all that great in a war zone, despite it powering your awesome laser guns!

Last for this installment, Oberst Lara Walter! She leads Kampfgruppe Walter into battle in her customized power armor. Thats four machine guns strapped to her arms! And I thought 40k was ridiculous.

Thanks for reading, Magnus

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Light Panzer Walker from Dust Tactics

Hey! I bought a few Dust Tactics walkers with the idea that I would attempt a new vehicle painting style using my Iwata Eclipse airbrush. This is the result of my first real experiment in color modulation and pigment weathering to filter the colors. I haven't decided if I want to add any camo, or leave it in the base colors.

Some decals will be added later.


Friday, September 2, 2011

A different WIP project: concrete barriers, tall

In the 41st millenium, building a fort capable of holding out the baddies is a touch difficult, especially if your combat engineers only have waist-high Aegis defense lines to block the enemies gunfire! You think that speed bump is going to stop a carnifex, soldier? What you need is something a little more imposing, capable of blocking the all-important Line of Sight. Enter the T-wall.
I wanted a preformed concrete barricade, of the kind that can be rapidly deployed to form a wall on the battlefield, and block line of sight for figures and small vehicles. This barrier stands about 2.25" high, and is roughly 1.5" wide. Much like the concrete barriers found in embattled parts of our world, it is wider at the bottom for stability. This is the master, which I am currently making a mold from. I will cast several others, and apply some battle damage and other visually interesting imperfections, then make a mold of those! I got tired of not having an easy to pack away, easy to set up piece of Line of Sight blocking terrain for games in the far future. Whether that is Infinity or 40k, they'll work for both pretty easily. Its just another piece of cool scatter terrain that can be built into cool-looking forts. :-) Magnus

WIP Ragnar, more progress

Ragnar is coming along! I worked on his hair, his crown, and his antler trophy rack. I also added a knife hilt, pouches and grenades (the original fig has all sorts of little doodads). The Wolf Tooth Necklace across his "loin pelt" is a new addition as well. Who ever thought I'd be typing blog posts about adding necklaces to loin pelts? Thats more than a little strange. I'm sure my parents are very proud.

His cloak was made a bit more ragged looking. The former version was a bit too clean, and now I've jumped straight from pristine to absolutely tattered. The paint will make or break this one, I think. Overall, I'm more than a little unhappy with how this fig is going, so we'll see if the usual change in opinion occurs when I paint him. I might have to go back and do another with what I've learned! You can use two Ragnars in the same army, right? :-)

Please excuse the white vapor marks from the super glue, finely coating part of the model. I really didn't use that much glue back there, and they weren't there when I finished with the model for the night. I'll go back and clean those up. :-)

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP Ragnar, slight progress + banner bearers

I worked a bit on Ragnar's top knot and his wolf cloak, and added a rough top knot. I have lots to do still! I only had a little bit of time to work on him last night.

I did a little tidying up of the next three banner bearers. I have yet to figure out exactly how I'm capping the horizontal banner bars. :-0 I'll probably add some wolftooth necklaces and some rune stones to the banners before I paint them.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

WIP Ragnar Blackmane, very rough

This guy is still quite a ways from being any sort of decent. I have a great deal of green stuff work to do, but you can get an idea of where I am going. I am going for a Conan vibe with this version of Ragnar. I have a few other ideas for conversions, so I may not stop at one. :-)


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bjorn the Fell-Handed, finished!

The night before Astro, I fished this fella out of his foam at the hotel in Vancouver and started painting. He turned out alright!


Wolf Lord Skargr Cursebreaker

I finished this guy up for Astro. He netted me a few points on the painting score, but sadly I didn't get any votes for best Single Mini, which is what I was hoping for. :-)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

WIP Bjorn the Fell-handed

A new dreadnought is joining the ranks of the Space Wolves. In this case, I'll be using the fig to represent Bjorn the Fell-handed. I picked up a Ven Dread kit, and the claws from a Furioso, and some wolfy bits from the bits box and green stuff.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf Mount

Just in time for Astronomicon...

Skargr Cursebreaker rides again! Here is my revised Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf Mount, armed with a Wolf Claw and Storm Shield, Wolf Tooth Necklace, and Wolf Tail Talisman. He hasn't earned any Sagas yet, and he found himself just a little short of cash when it came time to commission some Runic Armor. :-)

I broke apart my old magnetized wolf lord and reassembled him into this. He is still very much a WIP. I just finished sculpting the necklace and his furry wolf pelt, and Jotun Brokenclaw, my twin wolf claw battle leader, donated his right hand claw to make the model. A few of my old objectives were sacrificed to make the rather boring base a little more exciting!

I will be painting him Friday night in the hotel before Astro, I believe. :-)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

OFCC Army is finished!

Here it is, the final army all painted and put on its display board!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

DMB Themed Objectives, painted!

May the Wolves stay in the Hills, and the Women in our Beds! Yay Titties!

A quick gloss coat and they're ready for OFCC. :-)


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brother-Chaplain Buchanan

He isn't quite finished, but he is close enough. Brother-Chaplain Buchanan is a fun fig I painted up as a break from Space Wolves for a friend of mine. This chaplain will go into battle alongside Captain Rogers, for Truth, Justice, and the Ultramar way.

Thanks for reading,

Friday, July 22, 2011

Display board wasn't finished, apparently.

Deke gave me a few comments on my display board, which prompted me to make a few changes. I wanted a more wind-swept look, so I pulled some snow off in a directional way, and put some clumps in the crevices where the wind couldn't get at it. The idea is that it looks like a place that could actually exist, but also looks like my bases are depicting the same place... :-)

I'm going for something that looks a little like this:


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Display Board finished!

I pulled out the air brush, and went to town. After painting was more or less complete, I put on the snow stuff, and faded it into the board with the airbrush. I went for the patchy snow look that I'd done on my bases.

Rather than put the land speeder onto the board, I put in a wire stand for him. Now he looks like he is flying over the battlefield. :-) I'm going to be adding some nice handles to the side, and if I can get one, a nice etched nameplate for the front.

Here is a close up of a snow patch. You can see how my inexpert airbrush skills are used to fade the snow patch around the edges with white paint, so the transitions are not quite as stark.