Friday, February 17, 2012

Mordikaar and his Beast Handlers

I've been working on some neglected Skorne models recently, in anticipation of attending Lock & Load in Seattle this June. When I decided to play the cruel bastards again, I picked up Mordikaar as he seemed very different to the style of my usual casters (Asphyxious and the Butcher).

Its really hard for me to play with unpainted models anymore, but the option of not playing at all until I'd painted an army seemed rather difficult! So I threw some paint onto a few infantry models as a test scheme, and then painted up Mordikaar for the small tourney this weekend. I had some strange hope of trying a different paint-style with these guys, but after a few hours of frothing madness I ended up with a number of finished models and little understanding of how they got that way. Business as usual, it seems!

I think the Nihilators might be next on the painting block.

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Craig said...

Looks great! I also have a Skorne army...but with only a single painted model. It's not my focus, but I wanted to have something done for when I pull them out. :P