Friday, April 20, 2012

Armorcast Warhound, part 3

While the rest of the Warhound is sitting in Super Clean for another day, I bounced between working on the Hulk and my scroll work on the Warhound's leg. This leg will not be dipped, and will get its primer coat right over the paint. Perhaps not the smartest path, but what are you gonna do?

I liked the Forgeworld Warhound's intricate scrollwork and aquila, but since my skills are rudimentary and the Armorcast Warhound is much more simple creature, I went with a more basic form. Its not as perfectly smooth as I'd hoped, but the shape is good. 

The scroll is where I'm going to paint in the titan's name in the bastardized Latin/Gothic of the 40k universe. I'm thinking either "Agrippa Secundus", after the Roman general and friend of Octavian, or the perhaps overdone "Canus Dirae" or Dire Wolf.

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