Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Armorcast Warhound, Part 1

I picked up an Armorcast Wolfhound titan from a friend (thanks Aaron!), and I've decided to do some restoration and improvements before I paint it up. Its got so many large smooth surfaces that I thought it would give me some good excuses to practice making green stuff insignia's and details.

Note the non-standard armament. Those are both Apocalypse Missile Launchers, more commonly found mounted on the carapace of a Reaver titan. In game, each of those weapons is spitting out a Strength 7, AP3 Apocalypse Barrage(5). They are held on by bolts from the interior of the carapace. Until I can scratch-build some extra weapons for this bad boy, it'll be rocking that armament and making mobs of orks cry.

This guy may not be as big as a Forgeworld warhound titan, but he is still big! Look at that little wolf guard down by his toes. I'm attempting to strip the paint from him, but only a few of the pieces fit into my Strip-o-bucket at a time.

As a test of my technique, I threw some green stuff onto his left shin:

It came out pretty well, by my standards. Yes, I know that I have to peel that SOB off when I strip the paint on that leg. Yes, I know that I should have waited. Inspiration comes when it wills. :-P

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Tallarn said...

Inspiration is a foul mistress who compels invention at the worst of times! Nice work at the Richland games as well ;)