Friday, April 20, 2012

The Hulk as a Lone Wolf, pt 1

A friend of mine (the Mighty Achilles) is working on an Avengers-themed Marine army, with figs for Captain America, Iron Man, etc etc. To do this, he is utilizing the Space Wolves codex. When he decided to do the Hulk as a TDA-clad iron juggernaut, I was pretty happy about the decision. I volunteered to hack apart a World War Hulk heroclix fig and render it into some vaguely 40k appropriate form.

My initial plan is to turn the hulk figs legs into terminator armor, and similarly transform his upper body into the standard terminator chest piece (albeit larger than normal). He will keep his arms as is, with new shoulderpads added on. His head will fit into the chest piece like a normal terminator's head would. 

The pieces! Standard TDA legs for scale.

I started with a saw. I cut away the top half of the hulk's body, and then switched to a hobby knife to trim down the pieces that I want to use as my armature. After completing that, I started building up the leg armor. I got both thigh portions covered, and both of the basic foot forms shaped. The accordion-style piece at the back of the knees are in place now. With those pieces cured, I can move on to building up the lower leg armor to its final size, and the tubing detail on the upper leg and the banding on the feet. Those should be my next steps.

The torso got a large piece of green stuff to shape the basic form of the TDA, but it isn't visible in this photo. The next step will be building on that foundation further.

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