Monday, April 9, 2012

Ragnar Blackmane conversion completed (?)

I finally painted up the converted Ragnar Blackmane fig! When I first started painting my Space Wolves in early 2009, it was after reading the sometimes great/sometimes awful Ragnar Blackmane series of novels.

 I wanted them to be Ragnar's company, but really didn't like the Ragnar fig. Well, three years later, I've got one I'm happy with. :-)

Its hard to tell from this angle, but the frost blade Frostfang is just about double the length of a normal chainsword. I am planning on painting some designs onto Ragnar's knee pads, but I haven't decided exactly what. On the one hand, I was to put some marks of Ragnar's history as a Bloodclaw onto the figure, while on the other, most of my HQ figs have runic designs painted on the knee pad.

He was previously mounted on a temporary base with a piece of cork up one foot. I figured he needed a better base, so I grabbed an ork nob head and did some greenstuff work. I added the stump of a neck, complete with gribbly bits like fleshy tubes and vertebrae. The blood is a mix of black ink, Tamiya transparent red, and a dab or two of Skorne Red.

The edges of the neck are nicked and torn, like the head had been sheared off by a crazed space-viking werewolf with a chainsaw sword. I haven't decided if I want to add any gore to the blade itself. I'm leaning towards no.

Now that I look at the fig from this angle, I can see I never finished the backpack, and the left side of the cloak never fot their final highlighting! Shame on me.

The 2k list I'm running him in this weekend is a testrun for my OFCC list. We'll see if its got the tools to take on a posse of Tricities folk in epic battle!


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