Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chief Assistant Artificer Witmer Withelby

Witmer is a dour sort, more at home in the lower strata of society than the upper crust that his talents at mechano-artifice have brought him into contact with. His discovery of the damaged automaton named "Birch" in a pile of wreckage has placed him onto a dangerous path, one he may not survive with all limbs intact.

I needed a figure for a steampunk/Victorian horror D&D 3.5 campaign a friend of mine is running, so I dug through my unpainted figures and came up with these. I'm playing an Artificer and plan on building a few homunculi (helpful little construct creatures to do my bidding, ala Frankenstein's Monster but less prone to murder). The figure provided a great deal of inspiration toward the character, rather than vice versa.

Witmer is a Khador mechanik leader, and the two homunculi are Wyrd miniatures for the Arcanists faction. I was quite lost as to a paint scheme for a while, but rattled and bounced down through several color schemes before settling on this one. Its grown on me quite a bit. I thought these figures would be ill-suited to snow or grass flock, so I pried them off their bases and sculpted some cobblestones. A touch of paint later, Witmer and his trusty homunculi are standing at the scene of a recent crime, ready to give his expert opinion.

The small arachnid is meant to represent the small thief/messenger/spy type of homunculi, while the larger fellow is meant to represent the very useful "packmate"-type homunculi. They have small extra-dimensional spaces built into their hardy frames, and serve as a combined assistant and pack mule. Both types will no doubt be very useful as Witmer and the rest of the party face every sort of supernatural evil on the cobblestone streets of the Twilight City.

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Sage4506 said...

Nice I love that Figure. That will give you an nice Iron Kingdoms figures as well