Friday, October 26, 2012

WIP Bases for Thunderwolf Cavalry

 Back in April or May (was it really that long ago?) I picked up a few boxes of the new Thunderwolf Cavalry models. I put together one in the mean time, but it seemed so small on its plain black plastic base. When I decided to put the rest together and run a proper Thunderwolf Cavalry army, I first needed to come up with some more robust basing.

Resin added, putty being worked in.
I had my mold for the rune stone bases I did for my Terminators a while back, so I made a few shallow casts of the mold using Smoothcast 305, a slower curing resin. While it was still soft, I pried out the thin pieces (only the stonework, none of the 40mm base) and chopped the pieces into smaller chunks that weren't as obviously round 40mm basing.

After they had fully cured (and washed to remove mold release), I glued them onto the 60mm bases, and worked some brown stuff into the edges and interior spaces. A toothbrush used with a stippling motion gave plenty of texture for the parts that would remain exposed after the sand was added. After the putty had cured, I added sand and gravel.

Sand and gravel added, TWC pinned.
They aren't my most exciting work, but they were quite fast and will look nice when painted up. They'll tie in with the terminator basing as well as the rank and file Grey Hunter basing. With such large bases on these models, its important that they aren't just boring flat sand. I want them to accentuate the effect of the finished model, instead of drawing the eye with obvious boringness.

Since I have 10 or 11 bases that I could redo, I may put a little more time into making some more "ruined stone" pieces that I can cast and use on 30mm, 40mm and 60mm bases, or just add to the existing TWC bases to make them more interesting.

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