Monday, October 29, 2012

WIP Thunderwolf Cavalry

Just a short update today! I had a chance to mount the TWC and Battle Leaders onto their bases with pins, so I can paint the bases separately. The figs are all assembled and posed. The two Battle Leaders will be getting their bling now. That involves capes, cloaks, pelts, knives, and other assorted stuff to show how badass they are. Its a more time consuming process, but now I can actually play a few games with them and not feel silly pushing empty bases around the table.

You'll notice one painted Wolf Claw arm in the mix. That used to belong to my Wolf Lord, who has shown himself to be rather ineffectual with it. I am fiddling around with bits to get him a more badass weapon. I'm thinking Thunder Hammer due to the availability of right hand bits for it, but I seem to recall owning at least one right-handed power fist so I could just magnetize them. :-)

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