Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thunderwolf Cavalry family portrait

Everything is done, barring the freehand on shoulder pads! After I got my new models to the point that I felt good about them, I brought out the older figs and did some cleanup and updating of paint. Better black lining, more uniform highlighting, etc. I scratched off the old decals on their shoulders, and repainted them as the base yellow I've been using on the recent models.

I'm trying out a new method for my Space Wolf chainswords in this unit. I tried it out on one of the new guys and liked it quite a lot. Orange teeth and hazard stripes added a nice bit of color to the otherwise boring metal chainswords.

There are still a number of small details that could use attention, but at this point I'll leave that up to the whim of the paintbrush to determine when I get to it.

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