Thursday, November 15, 2012

WIP Space Wolves Heresy-era Praetor

While I don't have the book in my hands yet (Merry Christmas to me!), I'm quite excited about getting together some fun Heresy-era models. I searched through my bits box and gathered some parts to assemble a Space Wolves Legion Praetor in Cataphract armor.

Since I was starting with a Chaos Lord plastic kit, the first thing I had to do was file down a lot of arrows and spikes. A bog standard terminator torso bit with the wings and crux shaved down was next. The torso is mounted up a touch higher than a normal Terminator torso, with the rest filled in with green stuff. The normal heads wouldn't fit in the socket, so I cut down a Wolf Scout head until it looked good. I don't believe that crotch skulls should be an inherently Chaos accoutrement, so I left it in place. One of the very first rogue trader metal terminator captain models had a rather larger crotch skull, so I figure it must be the fashion during the Heresy to show your badassitude.

I want this guy to do double duty as a Wolf Guard battle leader in Terminator armor, so he gets the combimelta and Power Fist. While you can't see the back of the power fist in this picture, I filed it down flat so that I could paint on those sweet hazard stripes I did on the TWC power fist guy.

To do: I want to add a number of studs and rivets to his armor, as well as come up with some shoulder pads of the appropriate type. I have heard good things about both Max Mini and Anvil Industry, so I'll be looking into those. Any suggestions for further modifications and additions?

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Tallarn said...

Mags - how do you have a clip of ammo on the top and a belt of ammo on the bottom, how much ammo does one man need lol!

mike13 said...

Awesome! Im also getting my wolves ready for the heresy. I'm in the middle of painting a converted contemptor smashing up two thousand sons scarab occult (will email in a photo when finished). I'm building my praetor with the following load out

Legion Praetor
Paragon blade (Master crafted)
Digital lasers
Iron halo

I'm undecided on the combi-melta or archaeotec pistol. Comes in at 190 points or 200 with the pistol, what do you think? Maybe stick him in with a command squad with power axes and combat shields, extra 200 points (wolf lord and wolf guard)