Friday, November 16, 2012

WIP Space Wolves Heresy-era Praetor II

I had a chance to add some rivets and armor plates onto my Praetor-to-be.

I ordered some of the "ornate shoulder pads" from Anvil Industry, along with a few other samples and bits. I've never handled anything from them before, but they have a number of really cool looking pieces. I especially like the Negotiator sniper rifles, and ordered a set of them to build some power-armored snipers fellows.

My Praetor has magnetized arms like most of my other Terminators, making weapon swapping an easy matter. The different shoulderpads will make that look a bit silly unless I keep the sets coordinated. I'd like to kitbash a gun arm that looks like the plasma type weapon on the cover of the Rogue Trader rulebook:

If shipping times work out properly, I should see the pieces soon after Thanksgiving. I'm quite looking forward to it! Luckily I think I can get some paint on the Praetor, and put the shoulder pads on later. 

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Tallarn said...

I like it, looks really good. I particularly enjoy the Gene Simmons inspired skull faced cod piece of dewm. Well done Gene, well done indeed.