Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Skyclaws WIP II

I wanted to model a few Sky Claws in flight, so I picked up a few of the "heavy muzzle blast" pieces from Armorcast last week. They arrived very quickly, and had little flash at all. I had to do a little repositioning of legs, which involved a touch of green stuff work. This guy is my proof of concept so far, and I learned a few lessons I will be applying to the others.

I also bought a pack of the small muzzle blast pieces, which I haven't worked with yet. I'll probably put one or two into the squad later on. I haven't even drilled out my bolter barrels yet.

The five Skyclaws I'm working on first have received their highlights and black lining on their armor, and the first base coats on the yellows and golds. I start with a solid flat coat of P3 'Jack Bone as a base coat for all my yellows, and then paint P3 Heartfire over that. Multiple gradations of Heartfire mixed with P3 Menoth White Highlight brings me up to the final yellow, then I apply a light glaze of Heartfire over the top.

I'll be doing the chainswords in the same style as the Thunderwolf Cavalry I painted earlier this year. I really liked the hazard striping effect when I see them on the table. :-)

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Skyclaws? Why not.

I've decided to put some Skyclaws on the table. A few random arms from other projects and some proper bodies yielded this minimum unit. The power fist is magnetized in case I decide its totally not worth it on a model with 1 attack. I haven't made a special weapon model yet, although there is a Mark of the Wulfen model in the back.

About the time I decided I wanted a Wolf Guard pack leader in my Skyclaws, I recalled that you can't add one. Hmm. Since I wanted the option for an HQ choice to keep them in line, I looked around my bitz box. Poor Jotunn Brokenclaw, long thought to be only good for being interred into a Dreadnought, was given a second look. While his head had been irretrievably damaged by a horrific plier accident (don't ask), the rest of his body was still fit to serve the Fang. He has a temporary head in place prior to some green stuffing to make him suitably HQ-worthy. I'll be working on that alongside the painting of the others. Jotun Brokenclaw, you will live again!

Since they were already primed and layered with a coat of the Army Painted wolf blue, I had to give them a coat of Fenris Grey to bring them to my usual starting point. From here, we're ready to go!

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Friday, December 7, 2012

WIP Space Wolves Praetor, and some Heavy Bolter fun

I received the shoulder pads I was waiting on from Anvil Industry, and eagerly put them onto my Praetor. On the suggestion of the wise Tallarn, I sculpted some green stuff fur in place of the leather strap armor. Most of the work involves waiting for the green stuff to get to the right consistency.

While I was waiting for green stuff to set enough for working, I did a number of other small projects. I've wanted to run the dual Heavy Bolter setup on my Land Speeders for a bit now, so I dug through the bits box until I found some pieces that would work. I was short on ammo hoppers, so an assault cannon hopper was shaved down and added onto the side. I'm looking forward to trying them out!

Bjorn, who you can see a bit of in the top left of the pic, got his Plasma Cannon assembled last night. Soon he'll be focusing the fury of a million suns onto his foes! I've committed to giving Bjorn a solid campaign worth of games down at the club, before he is once more interred into the dark, cold sleep of the miniatures closet.

Is it just the lack of paint, or is he missing something key? Could it be that silly topknot missing from his upper carapace, shown so often in the Heresy artwork? Thoughts?

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