Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Skyclaws? Why not.

I've decided to put some Skyclaws on the table. A few random arms from other projects and some proper bodies yielded this minimum unit. The power fist is magnetized in case I decide its totally not worth it on a model with 1 attack. I haven't made a special weapon model yet, although there is a Mark of the Wulfen model in the back.

About the time I decided I wanted a Wolf Guard pack leader in my Skyclaws, I recalled that you can't add one. Hmm. Since I wanted the option for an HQ choice to keep them in line, I looked around my bitz box. Poor Jotunn Brokenclaw, long thought to be only good for being interred into a Dreadnought, was given a second look. While his head had been irretrievably damaged by a horrific plier accident (don't ask), the rest of his body was still fit to serve the Fang. He has a temporary head in place prior to some green stuffing to make him suitably HQ-worthy. I'll be working on that alongside the painting of the others. Jotun Brokenclaw, you will live again!

Since they were already primed and layered with a coat of the Army Painted wolf blue, I had to give them a coat of Fenris Grey to bring them to my usual starting point. From here, we're ready to go!

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