Friday, December 7, 2012

WIP Space Wolves Praetor, and some Heavy Bolter fun

I received the shoulder pads I was waiting on from Anvil Industry, and eagerly put them onto my Praetor. On the suggestion of the wise Tallarn, I sculpted some green stuff fur in place of the leather strap armor. Most of the work involves waiting for the green stuff to get to the right consistency.

While I was waiting for green stuff to set enough for working, I did a number of other small projects. I've wanted to run the dual Heavy Bolter setup on my Land Speeders for a bit now, so I dug through the bits box until I found some pieces that would work. I was short on ammo hoppers, so an assault cannon hopper was shaved down and added onto the side. I'm looking forward to trying them out!

Bjorn, who you can see a bit of in the top left of the pic, got his Plasma Cannon assembled last night. Soon he'll be focusing the fury of a million suns onto his foes! I've committed to giving Bjorn a solid campaign worth of games down at the club, before he is once more interred into the dark, cold sleep of the miniatures closet.

Is it just the lack of paint, or is he missing something key? Could it be that silly topknot missing from his upper carapace, shown so often in the Heresy artwork? Thoughts?

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Andy - bG said...

No way! He is looking completely bad-ass. My preference is definitely to steer clear of the top-knots, but that's just something I don't like. He's looking really good.
The only thing that jumps out to me is that the upper parts of his legs look very narrow compared to the rest of the model, especially with the enlarged greaves and wiser shoulder pads. Perhaps filling in the legs would help balance things a little.

Cannot wait to see him with some paint on him, its such an awesome model. Great idea as well to use fur instead of leather straps under the shoulder pads.

Tallarn said...

That is looking awesome, well done. All the time and effort you are putting in is well worth it, much better than even some of the commercially available kits I see.

Love the wolf fur, much better than S&M Marine.

Now at the risk of being completely obsessive compulsive, you need to bulk out the toes. He looks like a giant of a man with hulking weapons of dewm - with itty bitty ballerina feets.

I dub him 'sir twinkle toes, Jarl of the dance allot tribe'