Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Skyclaws WIP II

I wanted to model a few Sky Claws in flight, so I picked up a few of the "heavy muzzle blast" pieces from Armorcast last week. They arrived very quickly, and had little flash at all. I had to do a little repositioning of legs, which involved a touch of green stuff work. This guy is my proof of concept so far, and I learned a few lessons I will be applying to the others.

I also bought a pack of the small muzzle blast pieces, which I haven't worked with yet. I'll probably put one or two into the squad later on. I haven't even drilled out my bolter barrels yet.

The five Skyclaws I'm working on first have received their highlights and black lining on their armor, and the first base coats on the yellows and golds. I start with a solid flat coat of P3 'Jack Bone as a base coat for all my yellows, and then paint P3 Heartfire over that. Multiple gradations of Heartfire mixed with P3 Menoth White Highlight brings me up to the final yellow, then I apply a light glaze of Heartfire over the top.

I'll be doing the chainswords in the same style as the Thunderwolf Cavalry I painted earlier this year. I really liked the hazard striping effect when I see them on the table. :-)

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Skyclaws? Why not.

I've decided to put some Skyclaws on the table. A few random arms from other projects and some proper bodies yielded this minimum unit. The power fist is magnetized in case I decide its totally not worth it on a model with 1 attack. I haven't made a special weapon model yet, although there is a Mark of the Wulfen model in the back.

About the time I decided I wanted a Wolf Guard pack leader in my Skyclaws, I recalled that you can't add one. Hmm. Since I wanted the option for an HQ choice to keep them in line, I looked around my bitz box. Poor Jotunn Brokenclaw, long thought to be only good for being interred into a Dreadnought, was given a second look. While his head had been irretrievably damaged by a horrific plier accident (don't ask), the rest of his body was still fit to serve the Fang. He has a temporary head in place prior to some green stuffing to make him suitably HQ-worthy. I'll be working on that alongside the painting of the others. Jotun Brokenclaw, you will live again!

Since they were already primed and layered with a coat of the Army Painted wolf blue, I had to give them a coat of Fenris Grey to bring them to my usual starting point. From here, we're ready to go!

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Friday, December 7, 2012

WIP Space Wolves Praetor, and some Heavy Bolter fun

I received the shoulder pads I was waiting on from Anvil Industry, and eagerly put them onto my Praetor. On the suggestion of the wise Tallarn, I sculpted some green stuff fur in place of the leather strap armor. Most of the work involves waiting for the green stuff to get to the right consistency.

While I was waiting for green stuff to set enough for working, I did a number of other small projects. I've wanted to run the dual Heavy Bolter setup on my Land Speeders for a bit now, so I dug through the bits box until I found some pieces that would work. I was short on ammo hoppers, so an assault cannon hopper was shaved down and added onto the side. I'm looking forward to trying them out!

Bjorn, who you can see a bit of in the top left of the pic, got his Plasma Cannon assembled last night. Soon he'll be focusing the fury of a million suns onto his foes! I've committed to giving Bjorn a solid campaign worth of games down at the club, before he is once more interred into the dark, cold sleep of the miniatures closet.

Is it just the lack of paint, or is he missing something key? Could it be that silly topknot missing from his upper carapace, shown so often in the Heresy artwork? Thoughts?

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mk II Crusade Armor, wip

While I quite like the look of the Forgeworld legion armor kits, I was quite put off by the price of them. $86 for a squad was a little outside of my current hobby funding situation, and besides, an enterprising chap could knock up something that looks somewhat decent.

My attempts
Something of what I'm going for

This is my incomplete attempt to bodge something together. I still have a bit of work to go on the legs, but I think that once a few more beads are added, and some primer, it will look quite nice. I didn't even want to attempt the heads, but I was saved by my compatriot who was making an order from Max Mini. He is picking up a pack of resin heads that should go quite well with these bodies.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Space Wolves Heresy-era Praetor in Cataphractii Armor WIP III

Here is my boy, with a new emblem on his chest and the ribbed shoulder work in place. I was working on a leather strip tabard, but it looked terrible so I put this chain piece into place. Not sure if I'm going to keep it, or try the leather strips again?

I'll probably be adding some wolf furs to him, either hanging from or over the top of the shoulder pads.

Thanks for reading,

Friday, November 16, 2012

WIP Space Wolves Heresy-era Praetor II

I had a chance to add some rivets and armor plates onto my Praetor-to-be.

I ordered some of the "ornate shoulder pads" from Anvil Industry, along with a few other samples and bits. I've never handled anything from them before, but they have a number of really cool looking pieces. I especially like the Negotiator sniper rifles, and ordered a set of them to build some power-armored snipers fellows.

My Praetor has magnetized arms like most of my other Terminators, making weapon swapping an easy matter. The different shoulderpads will make that look a bit silly unless I keep the sets coordinated. I'd like to kitbash a gun arm that looks like the plasma type weapon on the cover of the Rogue Trader rulebook:

If shipping times work out properly, I should see the pieces soon after Thanksgiving. I'm quite looking forward to it! Luckily I think I can get some paint on the Praetor, and put the shoulder pads on later. 

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, November 15, 2012

WIP Space Wolves Heresy-era Praetor

While I don't have the book in my hands yet (Merry Christmas to me!), I'm quite excited about getting together some fun Heresy-era models. I searched through my bits box and gathered some parts to assemble a Space Wolves Legion Praetor in Cataphract armor.

Since I was starting with a Chaos Lord plastic kit, the first thing I had to do was file down a lot of arrows and spikes. A bog standard terminator torso bit with the wings and crux shaved down was next. The torso is mounted up a touch higher than a normal Terminator torso, with the rest filled in with green stuff. The normal heads wouldn't fit in the socket, so I cut down a Wolf Scout head until it looked good. I don't believe that crotch skulls should be an inherently Chaos accoutrement, so I left it in place. One of the very first rogue trader metal terminator captain models had a rather larger crotch skull, so I figure it must be the fashion during the Heresy to show your badassitude.

I want this guy to do double duty as a Wolf Guard battle leader in Terminator armor, so he gets the combimelta and Power Fist. While you can't see the back of the power fist in this picture, I filed it down flat so that I could paint on those sweet hazard stripes I did on the TWC power fist guy.

To do: I want to add a number of studs and rivets to his armor, as well as come up with some shoulder pads of the appropriate type. I have heard good things about both Max Mini and Anvil Industry, so I'll be looking into those. Any suggestions for further modifications and additions?

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thunderwolf Cavalry family portrait

Everything is done, barring the freehand on shoulder pads! After I got my new models to the point that I felt good about them, I brought out the older figs and did some cleanup and updating of paint. Better black lining, more uniform highlighting, etc. I scratched off the old decals on their shoulders, and repainted them as the base yellow I've been using on the recent models.

I'm trying out a new method for my Space Wolf chainswords in this unit. I tried it out on one of the new guys and liked it quite a lot. Orange teeth and hazard stripes added a nice bit of color to the otherwise boring metal chainswords.

There are still a number of small details that could use attention, but at this point I'll leave that up to the whim of the paintbrush to determine when I get to it.

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WIP Thunderwolf Cav with Storm Shield

I got some time at the workbench this last weekend, and I got some more of the detail work on my Thunderwolf Cavalry finished up. I took several pictures, but this is the only one that came out at all. I really need a proper tripod and photo setup!

Most of my progress this weekend was hitting the older Thunderwolf cav figs, and doing cleanup on armor highlights and shoulderpad colors. I'm updating all of their chainswords to the same look that this guy is carrying. I really like the orange chainsword teeth (matching my power weapons styles), and the hazard stripes. Maybe I'll remember they have rending now?

Thanks for reading,

Friday, November 9, 2012

WIP Thunderwolf Cav.... soooo close

They're at least looking somewhat presentable now! Once they have faces painted I always feel a little better about the models I am working on. The golden Stormshield came out pretty nice. I was really missing my old Brown Ink! I need to pick up a new bottle, as my chestnut ink is just too red without the brown to balance it.

Next up is power weapon effects, some snow on the bases, and freehand shoulder pad designs. I have a few more models to finish by next weekend, so I better get to work!

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, November 8, 2012

WIP Thunderwolf Cavalry, down to details!

Here they are as they stood this morning.

To do:
  1. finish up metals
  2. faces and hair
  3. power weapon glowy orange effects
  4. shoulder pad freehand designs
  5. snow on bases, clean up base rim (usually the final step)
  6. Thunderwolf eyes
  7. At least one bloody maw on the wolves
  8. gems get the final treatment
And after that, I need to make a new Thunder Hammer arm for my Wolf Lord, who recently donated his Wolf Claw to a Battle Leader. Okay, I took it away from him for his failures as a combatant, but don't tell him that!

Thanks for reading,

Friday, November 2, 2012

WIP Thunderwolf Cavalry

I got a little more paint onto my Thunderwolves. At this point, I can finish up the bases and then glue the wolves in place, since most of the dry brushing and other messy stuff is finished.

The eye sockets are just flat black right now, so I need to paint up the eyes, and the claws need a wash to bring the highlight back down.The metal is base-coated, washed and ready for a highlight.

I'm planning on doing some fun blood stuff around at least one of their maws. I want to use the fishing line/super glue technique for some flying spittle or blood. What better figs to use it on? :-)

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIP Thunderwolf Cavalry

I broke out the airbrush to do the base coats on the Thunderwolves. Here is the result of my experiment.

Looking decent, I think! I have some dry brushing to go, then on to details. This is my first time applying a wash via the airbrush. That went on quite well, and resulted in a more subtle filter.

Thanks for reading,

Monday, October 29, 2012

WIP Thunderwolf Cavalry

Just a short update today! I had a chance to mount the TWC and Battle Leaders onto their bases with pins, so I can paint the bases separately. The figs are all assembled and posed. The two Battle Leaders will be getting their bling now. That involves capes, cloaks, pelts, knives, and other assorted stuff to show how badass they are. Its a more time consuming process, but now I can actually play a few games with them and not feel silly pushing empty bases around the table.

You'll notice one painted Wolf Claw arm in the mix. That used to belong to my Wolf Lord, who has shown himself to be rather ineffectual with it. I am fiddling around with bits to get him a more badass weapon. I'm thinking Thunder Hammer due to the availability of right hand bits for it, but I seem to recall owning at least one right-handed power fist so I could just magnetize them. :-)

Thanks for reading,

Friday, October 26, 2012

WIP Bases for Thunderwolf Cavalry

 Back in April or May (was it really that long ago?) I picked up a few boxes of the new Thunderwolf Cavalry models. I put together one in the mean time, but it seemed so small on its plain black plastic base. When I decided to put the rest together and run a proper Thunderwolf Cavalry army, I first needed to come up with some more robust basing.

Resin added, putty being worked in.
I had my mold for the rune stone bases I did for my Terminators a while back, so I made a few shallow casts of the mold using Smoothcast 305, a slower curing resin. While it was still soft, I pried out the thin pieces (only the stonework, none of the 40mm base) and chopped the pieces into smaller chunks that weren't as obviously round 40mm basing.

After they had fully cured (and washed to remove mold release), I glued them onto the 60mm bases, and worked some brown stuff into the edges and interior spaces. A toothbrush used with a stippling motion gave plenty of texture for the parts that would remain exposed after the sand was added. After the putty had cured, I added sand and gravel.

Sand and gravel added, TWC pinned.
They aren't my most exciting work, but they were quite fast and will look nice when painted up. They'll tie in with the terminator basing as well as the rank and file Grey Hunter basing. With such large bases on these models, its important that they aren't just boring flat sand. I want them to accentuate the effect of the finished model, instead of drawing the eye with obvious boringness.

Since I have 10 or 11 bases that I could redo, I may put a little more time into making some more "ruined stone" pieces that I can cast and use on 30mm, 40mm and 60mm bases, or just add to the existing TWC bases to make them more interesting.

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WIP Wolf Priest (now with wolf head)

Here is a little more progress with my new Wolf Priest, alongside my older Wolf Priest fig. You can see the recent addition of the wolf pelt and wolf head, along with the new wrapping on the handle of the horn. He has more pelt work to go on the back.

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WIP Wolf Priest

I wanted to create a new scratch built Wolf Priest, as my current version blends in too much with his brethren. I frequently run him with Runic Armour, so I wanted something visually distinct, but cannot give him  Terminator armor due to the Saga I often give him. I decided to go for the "true scale marines" look, like the cover of the Horus Heresy books often depict.

A little styrene sheet, brown stuff, and some bits, and my new Saga of the Hunter Wolf Priest has been roughed out. I still need to do a considerable amount of green stuff work to make his extensive pelt, cool belt buckle, and the Wolf Amulet.

I'm extending the chest plate and adding the armor cables later. With the pelt across the shoulders, this is going to be a very bulky and tough looking model. Lots of work to go!

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wolf Priest Fingyr Fartraveler

I did a little more detail work on the fig I'm using for my Wolf Priest this Saturday, up at Gamers Haven. He was a little too monochrome, with a pretty strong black/gold thing going on. Since I've been painting up power weapons, I did the skull of his Crozius Arcanum up in the same color scheme as I do the blades of my power weapons.

He also got his shoulders done up with some cool runic symbols. For the right shoulder, he got the same design he has on his knee. All in all, he looks a little more badass, which suits him quite well. He is rocking the Saga of the Hunter, and he spends a lot of time outflanking form the sides of the board and then putting that Runic Armour to the test. You can see a few of his posse behind him (one awaiting his shoulder insignia): a full pack of plasma-armed Grey Hunters led by a Terminator Wolf Guard packing a Combiplasma and Power Axe.

I'm looking forward to Fingyr's exploits this weekend. He is beginning to establish a legendary saga of invulnerability in his many duels with opposing characters. That 4+ invulnerable save has saved his bacon quite often.

Thanks for reading,

Monday, October 15, 2012

Aegis Defense Line with Autocannon

I finished up my Aegis Defense Line that I'm using this weekend at The Harvester, up at the Gamers Haven in Spokane! I decided I'd try out two competing mirrored color schemes in one kit. Not sure how I like it, to be honest.

This is my first attempt at hairspray/salt weathering, and it turned out decently but not spectacularly. I had to do a lot of washes and black lining, and then an ill-advised dry brushing, to get it to a point that I felt comfortable with it. In the end, The blue was both too similar and too different from the Wolves colors, which makes me quite peeved. If I were to do it again, I'd go for a bright green or yellow color instead.


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chief Assistant Artificer Witmer Withelby

Witmer is a dour sort, more at home in the lower strata of society than the upper crust that his talents at mechano-artifice have brought him into contact with. His discovery of the damaged automaton named "Birch" in a pile of wreckage has placed him onto a dangerous path, one he may not survive with all limbs intact.

I needed a figure for a steampunk/Victorian horror D&D 3.5 campaign a friend of mine is running, so I dug through my unpainted figures and came up with these. I'm playing an Artificer and plan on building a few homunculi (helpful little construct creatures to do my bidding, ala Frankenstein's Monster but less prone to murder). The figure provided a great deal of inspiration toward the character, rather than vice versa.

Witmer is a Khador mechanik leader, and the two homunculi are Wyrd miniatures for the Arcanists faction. I was quite lost as to a paint scheme for a while, but rattled and bounced down through several color schemes before settling on this one. Its grown on me quite a bit. I thought these figures would be ill-suited to snow or grass flock, so I pried them off their bases and sculpted some cobblestones. A touch of paint later, Witmer and his trusty homunculi are standing at the scene of a recent crime, ready to give his expert opinion.

The small arachnid is meant to represent the small thief/messenger/spy type of homunculi, while the larger fellow is meant to represent the very useful "packmate"-type homunculi. They have small extra-dimensional spaces built into their hardy frames, and serve as a combined assistant and pack mule. Both types will no doubt be very useful as Witmer and the rest of the party face every sort of supernatural evil on the cobblestone streets of the Twilight City.

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Space Wolves Vindicator

Hey, I know, right? WTF is a Space Wolf player using a Vindicator for? MOAR LONG FANGS!

I find that they do a pretty good job of dealing out death in my games, and serving as a powerful threat on the board. Apologies for the smudgy finger in the corner of the first pic. He wandered into the shot as I was taking it. What an inconsiderate fellow.

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Armorcast Warhound, Part 4

Detailing the Warhound

I had a few hours spread over the last week to work on the Warhound. I am working to add some detail to the fig. Some iconography, some battle damage, a few more rivets, etc.

Legio Astorum heraldry, and some added rivets
A Mechanicum skull I sculpted for shits and giggles
I don't know about the skull. I thought it would be cool to have some Adeptus Mechanicus heraldry to go with the Legio heraldry on the other side. Is it too big?

rivets and heraldry
I cut a bunch of rivets from thin styrene rod, glued them onto the leg, and then hit them with a file to get them to an even size after the glue had fully cured.

The Legio Astorum nova is hopefully going to look much nicer once it has paint on it.

The honor tabard
This unassuming piece of green stuff is the rough form for the honor tabard that will hang down between the Warhounds legs. Its so that people who are about to be stepped on know exactly who they are being stepped on by! It makes the insurance claim process way faster.

I have a long way to go on this one. There are a number of folds that I need to sculpt onto this relatively blank slate. First I will hit it with a really fine grit sandpaper and some water, to get the surface all smooth.

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Hulk as a Lone Wolf, pt2

I got a little more done on this guy. BTW, sculpting is hard. :-P Doing smaller pieces is not quite enough practice for doing larger pieces and complete sculpts, but I gotta start somewhere! I'm learning some lessons on what techniques and materials to use in different locations.

Lesson 1: Use the right tools for the right job. 

Its easier to trim cured green stuff into sharp angles with a file and a knife than it is to sculpt it into that shape. The armor segments on the upper leg are ready to be trimmed and sanded, giving them sharp lines and edges. Its easier to get nice results if you use the right tools.

Lesson 2: Think of your working angle before you start sculpting.  

The back vents are gonna be totally redone. I thought I could lay out some green stuff and get some sharp vent lines. That is not easy, since I did not have the right type of tool do so (an angled flat surface would be nice). End result? Awkwardly worked greenstuff that looks like shit. I now have to cut that crap out and replace it. This time, I'm gonna try using some thin styrene sheet to get perfect flat planes.

Lesson 3: Don't start on something that you don't have time to finish.

The banding on the legs is a good example of this. I had some greenstuff mixed, and a few minutes. Hey, lets try to get an even line of green stuff in three separate pieces all smoothed out in ten minutes before I leave! Probably should have left that until later. Sanding and a knife will help fix that.

What comes next?

 I'm going to be adding some armored shoulder pads to this guy, and a bunch of microbead rivets in key places. I really liked how those turned out on Ragnar, and I think they would complement the style of armor I've been sculpting on here pretty well.

I also have to fix that back vent, and finish up the detail on top of the shoulders. Trim and sand various pieces to get nice edges, etc.

Thanks for reading,

Friday, April 20, 2012

Armorcast Warhound, part 3

While the rest of the Warhound is sitting in Super Clean for another day, I bounced between working on the Hulk and my scroll work on the Warhound's leg. This leg will not be dipped, and will get its primer coat right over the paint. Perhaps not the smartest path, but what are you gonna do?

I liked the Forgeworld Warhound's intricate scrollwork and aquila, but since my skills are rudimentary and the Armorcast Warhound is much more simple creature, I went with a more basic form. Its not as perfectly smooth as I'd hoped, but the shape is good. 

The scroll is where I'm going to paint in the titan's name in the bastardized Latin/Gothic of the 40k universe. I'm thinking either "Agrippa Secundus", after the Roman general and friend of Octavian, or the perhaps overdone "Canus Dirae" or Dire Wolf.

Thanks for reading,

The Hulk as a Lone Wolf, pt 1

A friend of mine (the Mighty Achilles) is working on an Avengers-themed Marine army, with figs for Captain America, Iron Man, etc etc. To do this, he is utilizing the Space Wolves codex. When he decided to do the Hulk as a TDA-clad iron juggernaut, I was pretty happy about the decision. I volunteered to hack apart a World War Hulk heroclix fig and render it into some vaguely 40k appropriate form.

My initial plan is to turn the hulk figs legs into terminator armor, and similarly transform his upper body into the standard terminator chest piece (albeit larger than normal). He will keep his arms as is, with new shoulderpads added on. His head will fit into the chest piece like a normal terminator's head would. 

The pieces! Standard TDA legs for scale.

I started with a saw. I cut away the top half of the hulk's body, and then switched to a hobby knife to trim down the pieces that I want to use as my armature. After completing that, I started building up the leg armor. I got both thigh portions covered, and both of the basic foot forms shaped. The accordion-style piece at the back of the knees are in place now. With those pieces cured, I can move on to building up the lower leg armor to its final size, and the tubing detail on the upper leg and the banding on the feet. Those should be my next steps.

The torso got a large piece of green stuff to shape the basic form of the TDA, but it isn't visible in this photo. The next step will be building on that foundation further.

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Armorcast Warhound, Part 2

Get rid of that paint! Into the dip with you!

This warhound was covered in a smooth coat of what I think was an enamel paint, complete with awesome fingerprints! Simple Green didn't even make a dent, but Super Clean is rocking that paint right off. I'm using a pressure paint pot as my stripping bucket. I felt like a goon dumping nearly the whole $10 bottle of Super Clean in, but its a huge model.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Armorcast Warhound, Part 1

I picked up an Armorcast Wolfhound titan from a friend (thanks Aaron!), and I've decided to do some restoration and improvements before I paint it up. Its got so many large smooth surfaces that I thought it would give me some good excuses to practice making green stuff insignia's and details.

Note the non-standard armament. Those are both Apocalypse Missile Launchers, more commonly found mounted on the carapace of a Reaver titan. In game, each of those weapons is spitting out a Strength 7, AP3 Apocalypse Barrage(5). They are held on by bolts from the interior of the carapace. Until I can scratch-build some extra weapons for this bad boy, it'll be rocking that armament and making mobs of orks cry.

This guy may not be as big as a Forgeworld warhound titan, but he is still big! Look at that little wolf guard down by his toes. I'm attempting to strip the paint from him, but only a few of the pieces fit into my Strip-o-bucket at a time.

As a test of my technique, I threw some green stuff onto his left shin:

It came out pretty well, by my standards. Yes, I know that I have to peel that SOB off when I strip the paint on that leg. Yes, I know that I should have waited. Inspiration comes when it wills. :-P

Thanks for reading,

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ready for a Tournament!

I've got a tournament this Saturday. 2k, three rounds with some sort of painting score (I'm fuzzy on the details). Since I've just barely finished getting my army fully painted and WYSIWYG, I'm quite excited to remember how to play them halfway through game 3 of the tournament. :-P

Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I will take a few more early next week to showcase the stuff I've finished up.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Filling in the gaps

After three years of breaking arms off and repainting shoulderpads, it was time to bite the bullet and paint up a few more extra figs with weapon options.

With all the list fiddling and points finagling, I ended up needing a random assortment of new weapons and upgrades in my squads.  Now each 10-man Grey Hunter pack numbers somewhere around 13 to 15 with all the extra weapon and equipment options I've painted up. The hidden cost of WYSIWG! :-P

Direwolves Pack: new meltagun, power weapon and BP/CCW models. (using old metal SW figs, and an old Rogue trader beakie with a new forgeworld melta to fit in the with the others in my oldies squad)

Claws Pack: new meltagun and power weapon models

Bloodclaws Pack: a repainted meltagun model and a new power weapon model

Fangs Pack: a new power weapon model

After I finish these up, I will only have a Rhino and a Vindicator left to paint in order to be fully painted this weekend. That shouldn't be too much, right?

Thanks for reading,

Ragnar Blackmane conversion completed (?)

I finally painted up the converted Ragnar Blackmane fig! When I first started painting my Space Wolves in early 2009, it was after reading the sometimes great/sometimes awful Ragnar Blackmane series of novels.

 I wanted them to be Ragnar's company, but really didn't like the Ragnar fig. Well, three years later, I've got one I'm happy with. :-)

Its hard to tell from this angle, but the frost blade Frostfang is just about double the length of a normal chainsword. I am planning on painting some designs onto Ragnar's knee pads, but I haven't decided exactly what. On the one hand, I was to put some marks of Ragnar's history as a Bloodclaw onto the figure, while on the other, most of my HQ figs have runic designs painted on the knee pad.

He was previously mounted on a temporary base with a piece of cork up one foot. I figured he needed a better base, so I grabbed an ork nob head and did some greenstuff work. I added the stump of a neck, complete with gribbly bits like fleshy tubes and vertebrae. The blood is a mix of black ink, Tamiya transparent red, and a dab or two of Skorne Red.

The edges of the neck are nicked and torn, like the head had been sheared off by a crazed space-viking werewolf with a chainsaw sword. I haven't decided if I want to add any gore to the blade itself. I'm leaning towards no.

Now that I look at the fig from this angle, I can see I never finished the backpack, and the left side of the cloak never fot their final highlighting! Shame on me.

The 2k list I'm running him in this weekend is a testrun for my OFCC list. We'll see if its got the tools to take on a posse of Tricities folk in epic battle!


Friday, March 30, 2012

Archidon wip

I've been working on a new addition to my Skorne warbeasts, the Archidon! I can't wait to have him swoop down on the enemy, pick them up in his toothy maw, and dash them down onto sharp rocks. I saw a pic of another Archidon on the PP forums painted up like one of the creatures from Avatar, and thought it looked nice. One late-night painting binge later, this poor bastard had black lines all over his wings and there was no going back. :-)

This is still WIP. I've gotten a touch more done since the pics were taken, like eyes/claws/teeth, cleaning up the metal rims, a bit of red ink glazing on the armor plates, etc. He is getting pretty close though.

Thanks for reading,