Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

I have been busy painting a Slaanesh daemon prince, and she is almost done! I get to play with her soon. :-)

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WIP Wolf Priest with Jump Pack

I had so much fun with my Skyclaws last weekend! I had them led by my previous jump pack character model, a Wolf Guard Battle Leader. He did well in many of the games, but the Sky Claws ran away at least once a game after failed morale checks. They also have a problem with hitting the foe and wounding them!

It turns out there is a solution to this problem, for about the price that I pay for my pint-size Wolf Guard Battle Leader badass. That is a Wolf Priest with a Jump Pack. He gives them Fearless and Preferred Enemy against a unit type I declare at the beginning of the game (usually infantry, but in a few games I've been known to declare monstrous creature so I can reroll those krak grenades!).

Fraki the Fearless. Ready to bash some heads!

I've taken my old Wolf Priest and snapped him into pieces with a terrible fury. Another old Wolf Guard had his legs removed and chopped apart. The resulting pieces were reassembled into a fell abomination known as Fraki the Fearless!

I have quite a bit of green stuff work ahead of me. I want to add some filigree and fanciness to his leg armor to match the rest of him, and to justify the Runic Armour that I'll be purchasing for him a good deal of the time. He'll be costing me 145 pts to field, a slight increase over the Battle Leader but a better support piece for the unit, and with that jump pack he will be able to move to other squads and bolster the battle line wherever he is needed.

I wish I could add a Wolf Guard Pack Leader to a Skyclaw unit, but that option is missing from the codex. Oh well! Maybe next time.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Space Wolves Contemptor Dreadnought

First off, apologies! This guy is not quite finished. I got the painting done and wanted to share him, despite his criminal lack of basing. I used all of my wood glue and snow for club terrain projects and haven't replenished my supplies yet.

With that said, here is my newest toy! Uthar Wintersworn will stomp onto the field of battle very soon.

I scratch built a Kheres assault cannon out of the heavy bolter arm I had, with plasticard, wolf bits and an assault cannon from the Venerable dreadnought kit. I think it turned out okay. The Dreadnought fist with built in heavy flamer is a fun piece of kit. I didn't get too creative with it, but you can pose those fingers any which way.

I painted an engine glow in the same manner as I paint my melta weapons and power weapons. I don't see a whole lot of engine glow effects on dreadnoughts, but I figured with this guys super-atomic reactor he should have some sort of visual cue to let you know that he might explode violently at any moment.

It says "Uthar", and the other runes are R C, for Ragnar's Company.
 I really like how the wolf head under the barrels of the assault cannon turned out, and the battle damage is obvious without being too over the top I hope!

I played around with blues and purples and chestnut ink to get the barrels to look heat-stained. Did I get it? Or does it just look weird?


His left shoulder bears the insignia of Ragnar's Great Company, and the runes U and S, for Uthar the Slayer. Below the wolf's head, the armour reads "SLAYR", in reference to his wanton ferocity that has resulted in the deaths of his kin. His actions have chosen the cold of the winter over the warmth of the hearth, and earned the Saga of the Forsaken. 

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Ragnar Blackmane, and Blood Claws!

Ragnar Blackmane!
I don't run him as Ragnar, instead I use him as a Wolf Lord with a Frost Blade, Runic Armour, a Meltabomb and the Belt of Russ. That gives him just enough juice to take out all the troops while my Wolf Guard Pack Leader gets chumped by the opposing character in a challenge. It has worked well so far! and the extra points let me run a second HQ for fun. I might bring Ragnar Blackmane himself out some time, but I was always so disappointed when he couldn't use those Warrior Born extra attacks. :-(

I painted up 15 Blood Claws recently, 9 of which are pictured here with their Wolf Guard Pack Leader. He carries only a Frost Blade, and this squad has really surprised me with their effectiveness. I think that is more a mark of shame for the Grey Hunters they have replaced, than a mark of distinction for the Blood Claws! I modeled them up with axes from an Avatars of War Dwarven Berserkers kit. I especially like the two-handed axeman. :-)

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Space Wolf Objective Markers

These are my Space Wolf objective markers, made out of bits from the bits box and some stones from the driveway. The center objective is a turn counter, and the smaller base is magnetized so it rotates smoothly. It has been very helpful so far! I seldom forget what turn it is anymore.

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Here are the finished Skyclaws, with their babysitter Wolf Guard Battle Leader. He rocks some face with his Power Axe and Runic Armor. So far he has been a VIP in several games! I saw the new Lord Executioner Space Marine captain, who looked way too Ultramarine for my tastes. So I broke out the bits box and assembled him to go along with this ravening pack of nutjobs with jetpacks.

I run them in a 10-man squad, with a Powerfist and the Mark of the Wulfen upgrade. So far, I've forgotten to EVER roll the MotW attacks in any of my games. Seems like a great use of 15 points, eh? The Powerfist is pretty disappointing too! 3 attacks on the charge, then back to 1 after that.

So far they have taken down Incubi, a Maulerfiend, Noise Marines, and more Noise Marines. Not bad!

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Thunderwolf Cavalry

I took some nicer pictures of my Thunderwolf Cavalry unit. My light setup isn't very big so I couldn't get a very nice group shot. 

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Tau Allies so far

I took some pictures of my Tau allies so far. The Cadre Fireblade is a custom job, and I think he came out alright!

Cadre Fireblade and Firewarriors
Crisis Suits with TL Fusion Blaster and Plasma Rifle

Sunshark Bomber

Broadsides, one new and one old with a gun upgrade
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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Space Wolves Vindicator, finally finished

Ready to blast!

 I finally finished the siege shield for my Vindicator, after 18 months of it being a rather boring blue. This extra bit of color really finishes the model, I think.

The last thing my enemies will see.
With a little weathering powder and some chipped paint, I think I'm done. It is sealed with clear coat and ready to play. Now I'm just hoping I'll get to shoot something tasty with it in my next game! I think it has killed two Kabalite Warriors in its last three games, which isn't exactly a great trade for the unit of Long Fangs it replaced. :-)


Friday, July 19, 2013

Cut-down 40k rulebook

I got tired of the 40k hardcover rulebook a long while back, and seldom brought it out to game night due to its great size and weight. It didn't fit in the book compartment of any of my army transports, and 75% of its bulk is devoted to pretty pictures that I looked at once.

My choices for a travel rulebook: Purchase a mini rulebook from eBay, or hack and slash my existing hardcover until it suited my needs. I chose option two.

Step 1: 

Step 1: Hack out all the crap I don't need.
This was really easy. Everything past the BRB scenarios was cut, except for the psyker powers and game summary section from the back. These were a partial signature (a group of folded papers that constitute one of the building blocks of a book), which complicated the next part. I sliced the threads binding that signature together. Oops!

Step 2:

Step 2: Add Floss
With a long piece of transparent duct tape and some paper clamps, I got all of the signatures neatly arranged in the preferred order. I then grabbed my Dremel and drilled a series of holes. With a sewing needle and dental floss, I bound all of the signatures back together and neatly tied off the end.

Step 3:

Just the good stuff.

I used duct tape to neatly secure the bound text block into the repaired hardcover. I'd cut down the spine to the appropriate size and reassembled the cover with a few pieces of tape. 

Step 4: 

Yay! Less than 50 lbs
Thin enough to fit in the appropriate compartment.
The last step was to flip through the pages and make sure it wasn't going to come apart five minutes after I'd finished. Now it is in the army transport ready for my next game!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Firewarriors WIP

They still need appropriate basing colors to fit in with the snow/ice theme, but these little guys are pretty much done. I had their clothing in grey to match the power armored badasses originally, but a green color looked much nicer so I changed it.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tau Crisis suits WIP

Here are some new toys! One needs weathering and more detail work, while the other is more or less done. I am having fun playing them!

Please, shoot at these assholes instead of my Grey Hunters. :-)

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crisis battlesuit for allies

Just a quick mockup of a minor crisis suit conversion I'm working on. Keep away, he has a knife!


Friday, March 29, 2013

Candy and Cola from Soda Pop Miniatures

I have been playing Infinity lately, and some of the scenarios I've looked at called for a civilian model. I could use a token or marker, or just plop a machine-gun toting gangster down, but I had a model that would fit in well with the anime-inspired aesthetic of Infinity.

This is Candy and her cypher, Cola. In the Relic Knights game world that Candy comes from, Cyphers are a physical embodiment of the character's connection with the mystical essence of the universe. In my Infinity scenarios, Candy and Cola are a source of extremely advanced "voodootech" and must be captured at any cost!

Immediately after finishing her, I dropped her five feet onto concrete and had to touch up a number of bare spots. I'm happy she survived with only cosmetic damage! Other minis have not been so lucky.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Guijia, Yu Jing TAG

I got some of the other colors finished on this guy! Now to play some games big enough to bring him. :-)

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yu Jing figures on the painting bench

Hello! I am painting some Yu Jing figures for Infinity. Here are my current mostly-finished and in progress figs. The Guijia (the large robot guy in the middle) has most of his orange colors done, and now I get to hit up all the other stuff. He is a fun figure, and I am quite excited to play him on the table-top.

The three smaller infantry figures are Zhanshi light infantry. They aren't terribly good shots, and they aren't equipped with any fancy equipment, but they do hold down the fort while the badass Shang Ji Invincible (the power armor guy on the right) does the dirty work. He has a badass flamethrower and knows how to use it!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Space Wolves Contemptor Dreadnought

I painted this guy up this weekend, and just got the finishing touches on him this evening. He has two arms with power fists and heavy flamers on the way, but I just couldn't wait to paint him up!
Uthar Wintersworn
 I quite like Forgeworld's take on the Space Wolves Contemptor dreadnoughts. Each Contemptor houses a fallen Space Wolf with a powerful but dark Saga. I needed a bit of a story behind this fellow, so this is what I came up with:

Uthar bears the ignominious sobriquet "Wintersworn," marking him as one who has let his love of war and combat take over his soul completely, and his ferocity lead to the death of his battle brothers.

After his near-death in battle against Eldar corsairs, he was interred within a Contemptor chassis and given the Mark of the Forsaken. He fights on alone and unassisted by his brethren. Even if he is swarmed by the foe, his allies will not approach too closely lest Uthar strike them down in a fit of rage.

I'm quite excited to use him! His first battle he immobilized himself coming out of a Lucius-pattern Drop Pod, which I see as part of his cursed saga. Better luck next time, eh Uthar?

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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Deep Places of the Earth

I've decided that there is a hole in my terrain collection. I can build a fine playing surface representing future battlefields and urban clashes, I can have my soldiers fight amongst the burning ruins of a fantasy village, or climb atop rocky hills clad in tall pine. Should the adventure require an underground cavern or the interior of a great dwarven ruin, then I find my collection lacking. With that in mind, I've built a few test pieces.

It was very important to me that these pieces are not dreary and boring grey foam, but instead form a visually interesting backdrop for my games. I decided to try doing some glowing crystals and fiery torches to give the impression of pools of light in an otherwise dark cavern. Since I have orange and blue featured so prominently, I'm thinking that the water features will be done in a greenish tint to evoke the phosphorescent glows of subterranean algae. Another thought is to do some green bioluminescent mushroom growths!

I've included my newly painted Troll Matron as a scale piece. She is on a 40mm round base. The firepit was my practice for sculpting flame, after which I started sculpting up a half-dozen torch flames onto pieces of brass rod. The torch sconces themselves are carved from plastic sprue.

You can see the detail of the torch a little better in this pic. For my dwarven pillars, I went with a rather simple design of notching the corners. I may come up with something a little more ornate and cast it up, but for now I wanted something simple to duplicate.

I brought out my airbrush to do the light spots. I started with P3 Khador Red Base, and worked up through Khador Red Highlight (actually quite orange) to P3 Heartfire. It went very quickly and most of the time was spent cleaning the airbrush, as usual in my experiences. One day I will have proper airbrush paint without tiny  griblets screwing up my paint flow. The blue glow is done in a similar fashion, just with a progression of blue colors whose names have long since rubbed off the Vallejo Game Color labels.

I had the standard from the Avatars of War Berserker Dwarves, and broke out a stick of Instant Mold to try it out. It worked well, and I now have several resin casts of the piece to decorate columns. I painted this fellow up in P3 Blighted Gold drybrushed with Brass Balls, and then washed with a blue/green (the names escape me) glaze. After the airbrushing, I painted a few brighter highlights onto the bottom of the statue, which I think look quite nice.

It's a face only a sculptor could love! I quite like how she turned out, much better in my opinion than the original face (seen here painted the best that I've seen, which is like lipstick on a pig as the saying goes).

Here is a final picture of the crystalline growths on the other cavern pieces. I've gone with 2" high walls, as that is the biggest single piece of foam I have and I've never been successful in hiding the dividing line between multiple sandwiched foam boards. It is taller than most of my figures, so I hope that the black on top will be enough visual cue to players to imagine a ceiling above their figures. 

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Dwarves with paint!

I got some paint on those Dwarf Berserkers. I'm waiting on the basing until I figure out my terrain situation!

I picked up a box of the Avatars of War Ironshields, which are on their way from the Warstore. I'd like to work up some dwarfs in packs, with lanterns and toches. With the new kit I should have enough raw materials to do any such conversions. I haven't done a whole lot of fantasy gaming in years, so my fantasy bits box is rather barren.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dwarves and Orcs for a skirmish game

I'm in the mood for some fantasy gaming, and I don't much care for the big battle games. I picked up a set of rules called Brink of Battle, which is a historical skirmish game with a new fantasy supplement. Its quite flexible, and I'm looking forward to playing it.

For the hardy dwarves, I present Hvengr Longbraid and his doughty companions:

They are assembled from the Avatars of War Dwarf Bereserker box, which is a very fine kit. I added some armor and furs, and a few shields as the kit doesn't come with them. I have a few other conversions in mind for this band of frostbitten badasses.

Hvengr needed some tough opposition, so I dug through my bits and assembled a 40k ork Nob body, fantasy orc arms, and a good amount of green stuff into this fellow:

His right knee was unfinished at the time of this picture, and I have since added chainmail over it. Gotta work in stages, you see. I went around the hem of his chainmail and added some broken links and tears, as befits an orc of his battle experience. The pelt broaches to either side of his head will have some dwarven designs upon them, as they are trophies from his battles.

Speaking of trophies, he took a few beards while in battle and nailed them to his shield, earning the epithet "Beardthief." The "nails" holding the beards in place aren't finished quite yet. I needed to let the beards set before I added them on.

Once I have a small warband put together and statted out, I will share it here. Thanks for reading!