Friday, March 29, 2013

Candy and Cola from Soda Pop Miniatures

I have been playing Infinity lately, and some of the scenarios I've looked at called for a civilian model. I could use a token or marker, or just plop a machine-gun toting gangster down, but I had a model that would fit in well with the anime-inspired aesthetic of Infinity.

This is Candy and her cypher, Cola. In the Relic Knights game world that Candy comes from, Cyphers are a physical embodiment of the character's connection with the mystical essence of the universe. In my Infinity scenarios, Candy and Cola are a source of extremely advanced "voodootech" and must be captured at any cost!

Immediately after finishing her, I dropped her five feet onto concrete and had to touch up a number of bare spots. I'm happy she survived with only cosmetic damage! Other minis have not been so lucky.

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