Friday, July 19, 2013

Cut-down 40k rulebook

I got tired of the 40k hardcover rulebook a long while back, and seldom brought it out to game night due to its great size and weight. It didn't fit in the book compartment of any of my army transports, and 75% of its bulk is devoted to pretty pictures that I looked at once.

My choices for a travel rulebook: Purchase a mini rulebook from eBay, or hack and slash my existing hardcover until it suited my needs. I chose option two.

Step 1: 

Step 1: Hack out all the crap I don't need.
This was really easy. Everything past the BRB scenarios was cut, except for the psyker powers and game summary section from the back. These were a partial signature (a group of folded papers that constitute one of the building blocks of a book), which complicated the next part. I sliced the threads binding that signature together. Oops!

Step 2:

Step 2: Add Floss
With a long piece of transparent duct tape and some paper clamps, I got all of the signatures neatly arranged in the preferred order. I then grabbed my Dremel and drilled a series of holes. With a sewing needle and dental floss, I bound all of the signatures back together and neatly tied off the end.

Step 3:

Just the good stuff.

I used duct tape to neatly secure the bound text block into the repaired hardcover. I'd cut down the spine to the appropriate size and reassembled the cover with a few pieces of tape. 

Step 4: 

Yay! Less than 50 lbs
Thin enough to fit in the appropriate compartment.
The last step was to flip through the pages and make sure it wasn't going to come apart five minutes after I'd finished. Now it is in the army transport ready for my next game!

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Luke Pozniak said...

That is quite a neat idea. I was lucky enough to get the Dark Vengeance box as a gift and so got the mini rulebook with it, but I'll bookmark this blog post in case I need to do something similar in the future.