Monday, August 17, 2015

New* Wrecked Post-Apocalypse Cars painted up

I dragged out an old Marx Cars of the Future from a few years back and made a mold this weekend. It got a new windshield sculpted on beforehand. As soon as it came out of the mold, my son grabbed it and started zooming around the house with it. Luckily I had some resin on hand and cast a few more up so dad can play with toys too!

For folks who weren't lucky enough to pick these up when they were on ebay at $10 for four cars, I'm sorry. They are a cool addition to any post apoc table. I wanted more though, and don't want to pay the $50 price tag they go for these days (if you can find them!). So I found the terrain at the club that sheltered this beauty and ripped it right off the base. 

That is okay though! The old one was painted up really fast for a tournament we host, and it looked like crap. Now it will be replaced by some nicely painted wrecks like this one.

I painted up the base color first, then the windows and seats, then the bumpers and tail lights. Then the rust got splorched on with a piece of sponge. First Rhinox Hide ( a really dark brown), and then some Trollslayer Orange got mixed into the palette. A combo of those colors was used to line and add rust drips. Then the brighest orange was applied splotchily in places.

After all that was dry, a bit of black lining where necessary and a light wash of Agrarardexeasx Earthshade in the crevices and for another layer of weathering.

The Iron Snakes know that the best place to look for radioactive gum and gas masks is in the glove box of old convertibles!

Now I gotta go find the rest of those cars and make another mold or two. I want a proper parking lot, damn it!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Iron Snakes Tribals, all painted up!

I had a chance to play two games of This is Not a Test last Saturday at our club BBQ and games day. I was feeling pretty good going in, but if I only could have known the tragedy set to befall my tiny plastic men.

After the two games, my warband was sorely depleted. Despite their grin and win attitude and successfully driving of the Dead Judge's men, whose vendetta isn't truly understood by the Iron Snakes (I think it has something to do with eating his hand? It was a long time ago), a number of prominent members of the band were left lying in the dirt.

The tribal champion, Strife, redeemed his lost honor by striking down an enemy heavy with his two-handed axe, but died tragically in a hail of rifle fire. 

Boner and Lizmajic, brave warriors both, were blasted by a plasma caster. Boner was liquefied, and soon thereafter Lizmajic suffered a great deal of damage and has a long recovery ahead of him. The longest there can be: 3 games. 

Milk, a tribal with a rifle who had distinguished himself in battle many times despite his weak stature and terrible marksmanship, died in an ambush by outlaw Preservers. 

And that isn't even taking into account the previous death toll: Hulk the Berserker, and J Man the Scout. The Iron Snakes lead the pack in warband deaths by a considerable margin. I'd really rather not be winning in that metric!

But hey, at least I got some power armor, right? Now I can use that fig. Never mind that most of the rest of the figures shown are dead. :-)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Iron Snakes Tribal War Band for This is Not a Test, wip

I've had a few evenings here and there to make some more progress on the band. First up is a family portrait of everyone in the war band after the second game. 

From left to right, Lizmagick, Zephyr, Haus, Milk, *mumbleforgot*, Boner, Strife, Gozer, and 5Pointz.

This is my recently deceased Berserker, and a fig I worked up just in case I got extremely lucky and picked up some power armor. 

The far right fig was my colors test, and ended up more gray than I'd prefer. I went with a lighter slightly more "alive" skin tone for the rest of the models. I haven't gone back and added color to him. Maybe he ate some bad shellfish before the battle?

I'm having a lot of fun painting these up and playing them so far!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Murderfang and Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought done for OFCC!

I got them done! Well, just need a little snow on the base, but that's close enough for the victory lap.

I finished up the gems and all the little details last night, barring a few things that I noticed immediately upon looking at this picture. 

I was also working on the shield and axe arm for the venerable dreadnought Harold. The glowy runes turned out alright. Not my favorite, but they will do!

Bjorn finally got his Helfrost Cannon more or less finished. Please don't notice that the lenses on the cannon and on Bjorn's torso have their highlights flipped upside down. It made sense at the time.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Dead Snake war band wip and a painted Dead Snake tribal raider

I had some time this weekend to bomb through a warband of tribal raiders. They are the Dead Snakes!

Here is a family portrait. The central figure is either a shaman or war leader. He has a badass skull mask and a tube coming out of his head. WHY? What did they do to him?

This is the heavy support in the form of a light machine gunner in a bomber jacket, a fella with a fancy laser rifle of some sort, and the skull masked lunatic in charge. 

These guys are the grunts. Rifles, SMGs, and automatic rifles for all your wasteland dakka needs.

We have two more heavily armored lunatics, one with a greataxe and the other with a crowbar which got bent by clumsy Magnus fingers. They've each got some sort of ranged weaponry as well, either grenades or pistols. The one on the left was my attempt at combination football pads and umpire leg protection.

The guy in the gas mask and hood on the far left is a Berserker in This is Not a Test, and the fellow on the far right is a scout. The guy in the middle with the molotov cocktail isn't quite sure what he wants to be when he grows up.

 Here is my previous WIP, with some paint on him. He is a pale lad! I was going for the color palette of the War Boys in Fury Road, so he has an ashen color to his skin.Metals are heavily rusted, and cloth is dusty and distressed. This is a departure for me from the heavily saturated colors of the Chaos Daemons or Space Wolves!

From the back you can see the metal scrap armor look a bit more clearly. I've tried to keep this type of armor style across the warband to keep things looking coherent despite the patchwork nature of their equipment.

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dead Snake tribal raider WIP 2

Howdy! I got around to adding the spikes and such on my Dead Snake raider. The shoulder spikes are styrene rod or brass rod, cut and filed to shape. Thin strips of styrene are cut and distressed and added on as armor plates on the front and back. This guy is pretty much ready for painting!

The round bits on his forearm plate are microbeads I picked up from Michaels ages ago. I'll paint them up as rusted metal bolt heads. They work great as rivets on Space Marine models, but look rather large on this guy. Ah well, I'll keep an eye out for some smaller scale rivet and bolt heads.

I am really liking the big shoulder spikes. They filed easily, and they fit nicely into pre-drilled holes going down into the figure for stability. I don't want to lose them mid game.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Watch out!

Just felt like sharing them again. They are an old project. ;-)

Converted from Ogre Bulls.

Fallout Tribal Raider gang test mini, WIP

Hi! Greetings from the searing hills and rocky river valleys of the Palouse Wastelands. I've narrowly escaped a band of tribal raiders inhabiting the Dead Snake valley, and am here to report on my findings.

I'm working on a few gangs for This is Not a Test, a post apocalyptic skirmish miniatures game by World's End Publishing. It looks really good right out of the box for a Fallout-style game. One of the gangs I'm working on is a band of tribal raiders with a paint scheme reminiscent of the war boys from Mad Max.

I started with a box of the Woodland Indians and Post Apoc surivors from Wargames Factory. These are much more delicate and truer in scale than the 40k heroic scale minis, and weapons, hands and heads are really really not going to look right mixed. But the two kits are really close in scale and mix well.

Here is a test mini, with survivor arms glued onto a Woodland Indian body. I had to chop down the raised shoulder of the indian torso, and right away you can see that the clothed upper arms of the survivors (the vast majority of the pieces) will require some work to fit onto the bare chested indian torso. Thankfully there are a lot of straps to sculpt armor plates onto. 

And here he is post-green stuffing. I filled the gaps in the shoulders where the new arms went on, and added some shoulder armor to cover the transition. The right shoulder will be covered in studs, while the other will have a large spike or three.

Here you can see a bit of cloth I sculpted on to tie in the clothed arm with the bare torso. The single sleeve look is all the rage in the wasteland. The forearm guard is going to have spikes added on.

Just in case he runs out of ammo, he needs a machete. Its in a scabbard, hanging from his belt. This guy will most likely be a scout or other speedy type, lunging forward from cover to cover.

Thanks for reading!
- Magnus

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Imperial Knights WIP

I've got a posse of Imperial Knights in progress. Adding bigger and/or different rivets to the carapace, magnetizing all of the weapons, and coming up with new maelstrom cards for my tactical objectives deck has taken most of my hobby time this past month.
Now with extra rivets.
I used my microbead method for adding larger rivets to the carapace of the other three carapaces. When you've only got four big models taking up most of your points, it is important for them to look a little different from each other. I also redid the ladder rungs with paper clips, as the plastic bits are not great.
Magnetized! It took some effort to get this done with the magnets I had on hand. I was too impatient to wait for shipping on the right sized magnets.
I am not gonna lie. Magnetizing all those weapons was a righteous bitch. Definitely let the hobby gusto carry me along bad idea road for way too long. I really should have stopped and waited for the appropriate magnets, instead of using a weird combination of clipped nail heads and 1/8" x 1/32" magnets to get them working.

They work, and don't fall off when you move the models, but good lord it was not the best way to do this.

Canticles and IK objectives
I wanted to use the new IK objectives from the codex, so I printed them up in the same style as my existing DIY tac objectives deck. The canticles and warlord traits were done at the same time so I don't have to look them up. I can set them out on the board so I actually remember to use them!

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chaos Daemons from OFCC 2014

Hi! I don't think I ever shared the pictures I took of my chaos daemons before OFCC. This army was a lot of fun to paint and a big departure from my previous paint schemes and styles. I learned a lot over the course of these models. This is a 2000 pt army from the Chaos Daemons codex, with a formation of deep striking Helbrutes just for fun.

You've probably already seen this daemon prince before. She has detachable wings for easier transport.

That figure on the slaaneshi steed is my Herald, Vioxx the Sinful. She didn't do a whole lot... ever. Not really once in five games did the AP2 awesomeness come up, and the most I think I ever accomplished was a crappy psychic shriek. Ah well, she contributed psychic dice and let me outflank!

I have three Helbrutes painted up. One is the old school Rogue Trader dreadnought who weighs about thirty pounds. The others are from the new kit and the Dark Vengeance box. You can see the second Daemon Prince in this pic, as well as a decent pic of the Soul Grinder.

I really like Daemonettes. When they rend it is a thing of beauty.

Here is a decent pic of the Keeper of Secrets! He is just a fantasy battle model of some variety, but he has tentacles and claws and is impressively large so he fits in well.

These next few pictures were taken by Game Face Nation at OFCC 2014. They bring along studio equipment and take nice pictures of cool models from the various gaming tournaments they attend. 

Here is our team display board, all lined up!

The Keeper of Secrets, Lord Hentai!

I don't know where the green tint is coming from here, but the model is very red and yellow. He makes me think of Ronald McDonald fallen to chaos.

And here is the pretty lady!

Thanks for reading,

Friday, May 22, 2015

OFCC 2015 Painting begins for Space Wolves!

I'm working on Space Wolves again! Here is the army I'm taking to OFCC this year, in fancy and annoying graphic format:

Here is a pre-painting progress pic, taken about a month ago. I just need to paint up THE MURDERFANG, some dreadnought weapons and then spend the rest of the time adding details and fixing old mistakes. You know, the fun stuff!

The whole damn army.

In the last month, I've gotten a base coat on some of my colors done. Lots of work still to do! 

Boltgun metal and blue grey applied.

The bone color is my undercoat for yellow, as well as the undercoat for bones and fang. This is the stage of model painting that makes me hate painting. Later I'll get to the parts that make me love it!

Undercoat for the yellow finished, and the first bits of my gold basecoat applied.
I'll get a game in tonight with this army. My goal is to either win fast or lose fast, and to have a really quick movement phase and a complete lack of a psychic phase. Last year playing Daemons was fun but taxing and its time to return to my roots!