Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chaos Daemons from OFCC 2014

Hi! I don't think I ever shared the pictures I took of my chaos daemons before OFCC. This army was a lot of fun to paint and a big departure from my previous paint schemes and styles. I learned a lot over the course of these models. This is a 2000 pt army from the Chaos Daemons codex, with a formation of deep striking Helbrutes just for fun.

You've probably already seen this daemon prince before. She has detachable wings for easier transport.

That figure on the slaaneshi steed is my Herald, Vioxx the Sinful. She didn't do a whole lot... ever. Not really once in five games did the AP2 awesomeness come up, and the most I think I ever accomplished was a crappy psychic shriek. Ah well, she contributed psychic dice and let me outflank!

I have three Helbrutes painted up. One is the old school Rogue Trader dreadnought who weighs about thirty pounds. The others are from the new kit and the Dark Vengeance box. You can see the second Daemon Prince in this pic, as well as a decent pic of the Soul Grinder.

I really like Daemonettes. When they rend it is a thing of beauty.

Here is a decent pic of the Keeper of Secrets! He is just a fantasy battle model of some variety, but he has tentacles and claws and is impressively large so he fits in well.

These next few pictures were taken by Game Face Nation at OFCC 2014. They bring along studio equipment and take nice pictures of cool models from the various gaming tournaments they attend. 

Here is our team display board, all lined up!

The Keeper of Secrets, Lord Hentai!

I don't know where the green tint is coming from here, but the model is very red and yellow. He makes me think of Ronald McDonald fallen to chaos.

And here is the pretty lady!

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