Friday, May 22, 2015

OFCC 2015 Painting begins for Space Wolves!

I'm working on Space Wolves again! Here is the army I'm taking to OFCC this year, in fancy and annoying graphic format:

Here is a pre-painting progress pic, taken about a month ago. I just need to paint up THE MURDERFANG, some dreadnought weapons and then spend the rest of the time adding details and fixing old mistakes. You know, the fun stuff!

The whole damn army.

In the last month, I've gotten a base coat on some of my colors done. Lots of work still to do! 

Boltgun metal and blue grey applied.

The bone color is my undercoat for yellow, as well as the undercoat for bones and fang. This is the stage of model painting that makes me hate painting. Later I'll get to the parts that make me love it!

Undercoat for the yellow finished, and the first bits of my gold basecoat applied.
I'll get a game in tonight with this army. My goal is to either win fast or lose fast, and to have a really quick movement phase and a complete lack of a psychic phase. Last year playing Daemons was fun but taxing and its time to return to my roots!

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