Monday, July 6, 2015

Dead Snake war band wip and a painted Dead Snake tribal raider

I had some time this weekend to bomb through a warband of tribal raiders. They are the Dead Snakes!

Here is a family portrait. The central figure is either a shaman or war leader. He has a badass skull mask and a tube coming out of his head. WHY? What did they do to him?

This is the heavy support in the form of a light machine gunner in a bomber jacket, a fella with a fancy laser rifle of some sort, and the skull masked lunatic in charge. 

These guys are the grunts. Rifles, SMGs, and automatic rifles for all your wasteland dakka needs.

We have two more heavily armored lunatics, one with a greataxe and the other with a crowbar which got bent by clumsy Magnus fingers. They've each got some sort of ranged weaponry as well, either grenades or pistols. The one on the left was my attempt at combination football pads and umpire leg protection.

The guy in the gas mask and hood on the far left is a Berserker in This is Not a Test, and the fellow on the far right is a scout. The guy in the middle with the molotov cocktail isn't quite sure what he wants to be when he grows up.

 Here is my previous WIP, with some paint on him. He is a pale lad! I was going for the color palette of the War Boys in Fury Road, so he has an ashen color to his skin.Metals are heavily rusted, and cloth is dusty and distressed. This is a departure for me from the heavily saturated colors of the Chaos Daemons or Space Wolves!

From the back you can see the metal scrap armor look a bit more clearly. I've tried to keep this type of armor style across the warband to keep things looking coherent despite the patchwork nature of their equipment.

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commissarmoody said...

That skull face is impressive

Simon Quinton said...

Looking good dude.