Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fallout Tribal Raider gang test mini, WIP

Hi! Greetings from the searing hills and rocky river valleys of the Palouse Wastelands. I've narrowly escaped a band of tribal raiders inhabiting the Dead Snake valley, and am here to report on my findings.

I'm working on a few gangs for This is Not a Test, a post apocalyptic skirmish miniatures game by World's End Publishing. It looks really good right out of the box for a Fallout-style game. One of the gangs I'm working on is a band of tribal raiders with a paint scheme reminiscent of the war boys from Mad Max.

I started with a box of the Woodland Indians and Post Apoc surivors from Wargames Factory. These are much more delicate and truer in scale than the 40k heroic scale minis, and weapons, hands and heads are really really not going to look right mixed. But the two kits are really close in scale and mix well.

Here is a test mini, with survivor arms glued onto a Woodland Indian body. I had to chop down the raised shoulder of the indian torso, and right away you can see that the clothed upper arms of the survivors (the vast majority of the pieces) will require some work to fit onto the bare chested indian torso. Thankfully there are a lot of straps to sculpt armor plates onto. 

And here he is post-green stuffing. I filled the gaps in the shoulders where the new arms went on, and added some shoulder armor to cover the transition. The right shoulder will be covered in studs, while the other will have a large spike or three.

Here you can see a bit of cloth I sculpted on to tie in the clothed arm with the bare torso. The single sleeve look is all the rage in the wasteland. The forearm guard is going to have spikes added on.

Just in case he runs out of ammo, he needs a machete. Its in a scabbard, hanging from his belt. This guy will most likely be a scout or other speedy type, lunging forward from cover to cover.

Thanks for reading!
- Magnus

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